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    Our HS day today (Feb. 29)

    Very good! Quiet, food was excellent and service also. Im am sure there is more people at lunch then at dinner. It was very quiet.
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    Our HS day today (Feb. 29)

    Just wanted to post our experience here. I was a bit stress about HS with huge crowds we see these days... so just wanted to say: we had a fantastic time! We did Got at HS at 7:30, line for Toy Story land was very long so we opt to stand by the entrance of Voyage of little mermaid. Wifi and...
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    Park hours changes/FP added?

    I saw on another board that TSM at least are out
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    Park hours changes/FP added?

    Last time they posted fastpass in the morning.
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    Second guessing HS plans

    . You can have multiple people logged in on the same account
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    Offsite hotel recommendation

    We stayed at Grand Villa resort and we loved it. There is two bedroom (3 beds total). Olive Garden and McDonald are close. Disney Spring is probably a 30 minutes walk
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    HS Is this plan doable?

    It seems there was a glitch in the system during the night
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    Spaceship Earth?

    I saw a June 2020 date as most probable but it was not confirmed
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    MK rode drope

    Thank you so much! We will be there before Spring break on a moderate crowd day.
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    MK rode drope

    Thank you. I already checked that. Its say to arrive no later than 8:15 if you are doing Mine Train but nothing for Peter Pan
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    MK rode drope

    At what time should we be there is our intention is to Rope Drop at Peter Pan?
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    "Due to heavy call volume..."

    I find that all Disney employees go beyond to satisfy customers. I have never encountered a cast member that was rude or did not care. That is probably why Disney gives conferences on quality customer experience. As for the waiting time, put them on speaker and do something else while you wait!
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    How to make FP if some in group won't buy tickets til at the gate?

    Maybe I am wrong but if she does not used the tickets, they do not expire right? She could used them at another time. From Josh post, one day before Fastpass are not that hard to get for one person. Even day off is not that hard for one person. I wouldn’t stress too much. I am sure would still...