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    First, anyone know when I can book my reservation for 2017? Preferably March/April? And second, which resort is best for family of 6 and 4? I havent been since the AoA has opened and I understand it has suites. What about AKL or any other resorts? Would they accommodate 6? Also, where can...
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    Magical Trip

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    Magical Trip

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    Magical Trip

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    Magical Trip

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    Magical Trip

    We're back!!!! Planned this trip for six months and wow, our week at Pop flew by..... Where do I start! Flight from Birmingham to Orlando was a little rough but we made it whew... Loved the Magical Express. We felt like famous people not having to gather our luggage and tote it to the...
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    Almost time

    This time next week I'll be asleep at Pop Century. Going to start my pre-trip report. I am so excited. I am sure this week will be eternal for me but we do have lots of baseball to keep us busy. First, the boys are getting excited. Tristan has already started packing haha! I will need to...
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    Vitamin Water

    Does the world carry Vitamin Water??? Im addicted!!
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    MK touring question

    I am planning RD for our first day at MK and it is a recommended day; however, I am not sure where to start... Space Mountain is a must, POC is a must and other than that Im not sure what else there is to do at MK. Suggestions for touring and attractions?? sons 7 and 13. Both will ride...
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    question for Josh re: March calendar

    Josh, do the changes for additional hours, added parades etc., change the March recommended parks? Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions =)
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    i need just a little more help

    My trip is now less than a month YAY. I still haven't decided on what to carry to the parks each day. We've only flown once and it was so LONG ago, I can't even remember what I carried on the plane and it was way pre 9/11 so Im sure things have changed. Our flight is only 1 1/2 hour. What is a...
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    HS and AK tour help

    Recovering from a horrible case of pink eye(s) so Im working on my park touring. I am going to only post 2 at a time. Remember, I have not ever been to DHS or Epcot. Only been in AK for a few hours YEARS ago. The only thing we did was the safari and dino land. Went in with a cast member friend...
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    additional nights

    We are supposed to check out of Pop on 3/9. If we decide to stay an extra night b/c we're simply not ready to leave, what's the chances of being able to stay the extra night without changing rooms/resorts??? When I was finally able to call disney, i was told nothing available at the resort for...
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    email question

    Is there anyway to contact disney via email? I am at work and do not have phone access. Thanks.
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    Please remember

    Wanted to take a quick break from disney talk to ask each of you to please remember my precious state of Alabama today. Once again, within 9 months, we have been hit with F3 and F4 tornados. Remember and pray for those who lost loved ones early this morning and those who have lost their homes...