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    Chef Mickey

    I'm on the side of "it was ok." We were there August 2015 (on a completely drama-fraught trip) and it stormed like crazy that evening. It was my daughter's 2nd birthday and we had very good character interaction. IIRC, the Contemporary was receiving some sort of refurb, and there were...
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    Keeping busy at home

    Wife had never seen Goodfellas so we stayed up late (after kids had managed the TV all day Saturday) and her response was "wow, that was a great movie." Of course, the opposite end of the spectrum vs. Toy Story 4 and Frozen 2 we watched the rest of the hours of the weekend. Lots of Disney+...
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    Second ride options at DHS after RD

    FWIW our actual results b/c we had FP+ for MFSR and not SDD: We arrived HS at 6:15 AM on 3/1, went to SDD standby and were about 20th in line for the actual ride (got boarding group 24 on an old iphone 7, btw). I got greedy and instead of just doing Saucers, we walked down to TSMM. Bad idea...
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    An important vacation

    You got this, BNoble. Enjoy your time at WDW. (We'll be there tomorrow, too!)
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    If you had you be evacuated from one ride...

    We had this at DL in Anaheim. We were stuck on ride for 15 minutes, but it felt like hours. The music was blaring and, when riding it, it doesn't seem so loud based on the other noise going on. A lady in a nearby "car" was losing her sh**, so my 4 yo started freaking out a a bit. It was...
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    What do you love about August at WDW?

    We've done two trips around that time in the past. Crowds drop (typically) around the 15th or so. A last hurrah before summer is over (we switched to general family vacays in June; leaves that last couple of weeks before school as pretty lame for us) Heat sort of forces the mid-day break...
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    Park Hopper Plus - do I have this right?

    Your comment about weather + Hoppers resonated with me. We have done two late August trips and the weather is certainly "volatile." We follow Josh's recommendations to go to MK if the weather is bad, as it does seem to tamp the crowd level down, a bit. But, if I'm at MK and many of the...
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    Millennium Falcon added to FP!!

    Same boat. We have 3/1 and 3/2 HS days scheduled and for 5 riders, only able to get 5:30ish pm. BUT, GOT EM and switched out frozen and little mermaid for more attractive FP. SWEET!
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    Day of room availabilty

    We got to POFQ a night early one time, but it was very late that night. They had a handful of rooms available; not their prime rooms, of course. We were actually pretty upset with that one night room; it was dingy, loud, etc. BUT, we were THERE, got one of the rooms, and it made for an easy...
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    Hardest FPs to get - across the parks

    Thanks, Anne. Good info.
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    Hardest FPs to get - across the parks

    What day of your trip were these available? Right at 60 or more like 64, 65? Thanks, BDUB32
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    Hardest FPs to get - across the parks

    We have 4 day tickets and are staying a Disney Springs hotel, so we could book FP+ 60 days out for our 2/29-3/3 trip, which "should" be a little lower than normal crowds. At exactly 7:00 am Eastern on 12/31, I was not able to find SDD on any dates, and FoP ONLY at 1:40PM on our departure date...
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    Anybody see more than 3 FP+ on Mobile App? (Apple)

    I am dumb. If you don't mind, what do I click to get there? Thanks
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    Anybody see more than 3 FP+ on Mobile App? (Apple)

    They're still on there for now, two days later. Not touching anything until they change (likely) operating hours for march and will try to get SDD since I was unable even at 63 days out. We definitely follow Josh's planning, but likely will concentrate on SWGE more than TSL. Thanks for all...
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    Anybody see more than 3 FP+ on Mobile App? (Apple)

    This is weird, but potentially awesome! I was logged into WDW site on my work PC yesterday and changed some of the FP+ we have for our upcoming 2/29-3/3 trip to more desirable times. All looked normal on the website on the PC after making the changes. When I got home, I looked at the mobile...