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  • Sounds good to me. I've participated once. But if you need my help during your cruise week, I'll be more than happy to help.
    Hi! My name is Eva Edgeworth and I am willing to be the leader of the group since no one else wants to be. Lol. I was a leader last June and I have participated in @ 5 share groups previously. I am looking for someone to be my co-leader/helper. I will be on an 8 day cruise before we go to Disney. So from 8/5-8/13 I will not be answering any posts or messages. I am a Disney Travel Specialist/Travel Agent and I have promised my family I will not do any work on our vacation like I usually do. So I don't even think I am going to buy the wifi package on the ship. Every vacation we take, I end up working or answering messages. I did buy the guide last year so I'll go over that again to refresh my memory. If you would like to join let me know for sure. I am limiting this group to 5-6 families. It just gets crazy if we let more families in. And everyone has to agree to NO downloading until the last member returns from their vacation.
    Eva Edgeworth
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