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  • When I say shortly, I mean some time in the next few weeks. I'm kind of slow about these things. I still need to download the pictures from my camera before I can my reviews.
    'Ohana is really good with gluten issues at both breakfast and dinner. I'll be posting a review of the breakfast shortly (just ate there last Friday) but the summary is that there was plenty to eat and everything was safe and yummy. At both breakfast and dinner the chefs will bring out separate platters for the person with the gluten issue and also separate sauces including a gluten free terryaki at dinner and real maple syrup at breakfast. Your friend will love it.
    Hi Trudy -

    A friend of mine is going to Disney in June and she has a gluten allergy. Can you give me tips for her. She would like to eat at Ohana? Any suggestions there. Thank you sooo much.
    Hi Trudy!
    We met up at Pop and MK on our last trip in 2010. We're set for another visit this August...can't wait! When's your next trip? How's the girls? I have to admit I just found this forum the other day and I am loving it so far. Seems to have more info than TGM :)

    What part of NH are you from? I grew up in Seabrook (on the seacoast, obviously). I can't wait to hear your impressions of the Art of Animation Suites, we will be staying in Nemo at the end of November.
    Our resort sent somebody over to Babycakes to pick up a cake for us. it was delicious!!! I do plan to do an allergy dining report but it'll likely take me a bit of time because of back to school.
    I'm actually starting to doubt we'll get anything from them. I hadn't planned a trip to DTD and they still can't seem to get their ducks in a row to deliver to resorts. I can tell you about the cake we got from them in February (AMAZING!!!!) but I'm getting kind of frustrated that despite a public announcement on both facebook and twitter, they still haven't finalized their arrangements to deliver to resorts or restaurants. I'll let you know what ends up happening.
    Can I just say I can't wait to hear about Babycakes when you come back. I hope it is as good as I am imagining :) I have $100 in my budget for it! LOL
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