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    Annual Pass cancellation deadline 8/11 (Tues)

    Just here to report that I received my AP refund check from Disney yesterday. This was for an AP purchased with gift cards. It made me feel relieved, but also a bit sad.
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    Annual Pass cancellation deadline 8/11 (Tues)

    My daughter received her refund check from Disney yesterday, and that was paid for with gift cards. I haven't received my refund yet.
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    FP Selections with AP Voucher

    Hello Everyone, I am currently an AP holder, but that will end on 10/3/19. I purchased an AP voucher from Sam's Club while the gettin' was good, and I have that linked in my MDE account under my name. I will be back in WDW on 1/5/20, which is when I plan to activate the AP, with a resort...
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    POFQ or SSR DVC Point Rental in January?

    Hello All, l'm doing a solo trip in January for 7 nights, 1/23-1/30. I currently have a reservation for room only at the French Quarter, which I love due to its intimacy, quiet, and 1 bus stop. I usually go to WDW about twice a year and have an annual pass. I have never done the DVC point...
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    Transportation from MCO to Dolphin?

    DD and I are found to be staying at the Dolphin for the first time at the end of this month, we usually stay on property and have mainly used Magical Express to get to the hotel. We we were planning on using Uber, knowing that only the higher priced cars were allowed to use the airport for...
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    Disney Mediterranean Cruise Private Tour Suggestions?

    My mom and I are going on the 7 night Mediterranean cruise our of Barcelona September 2017. We have a day in each of these cities: Naples, Civitacchia, Livorno, and Villefranche. Thanks to the good advice on these forums, we are looking at doing private tours for out Rome, Florence, and Pompeii...
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    Disney Cruise Line September 2017 Barcelona Questions

    My mom and I are considering a DCL 7 Day Mediterranean cruise next year leaving out of Barcelona in September. We have never cruised before, but love most things Disney, and having done both the WDW and DL, were looking for a new experience. We considered doing an Adventures By Disney, but came...
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    Rental Car Code From Interweb: Is This Legitimate?

    We are needing a rental car for 4/23-4/28, and while we normally just do ME, this time we are staying off property and need a car. I have not been diligently checking rates, and was unpleasantly surprised to see that the rates for our dates (through Costco) is about 300.00 for a standard sized...
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    Windsor Hills: Experiences with Home Away or VRBO?

    We are planning an April trip and there were be 4 of us, 3 adults and 1 teenager. Thanks to all the knowledge of these boards, we are looking at Windsor Hills. I think it will be a nice compromise for this trip as far as being close to Disney, but having more space, especially as we have a non...
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    How Do I Give My BOG ADR To Friends?

    I have an ADR for 1 at BOG in February that I would like to give to friends (party of 3) who will be in WDW at the same time as I am. Will the easiest scenario be for them to meet me at the front of the restaurant at the time of my ADR and for me to give them my table? Is Disney ok with this...
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    Does It Matter If 2 People Are On Room Reservation If There Is Only 1 Person?

    Here comes my first solo trip in January, thanks to all you Easywdwers who are always so supportive and encouraging of these types of trips! I booked my room only reservation through Orbitz, and had 2 people on the reservation, not thinking it was a big deal if I had an extra person on the...
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    Advantage/Disadvantage to Buying AP from Travel Agent?

    I am looking to buy an AP in September and am working with a travel agent, who booked our room. He said he is happy to do that for me, but that it would be a few more steps than just buying it directly through MDE, so it might be easier for me just to do that. I am buying my daughter's ticket...
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    Undercover Tourist No Expiration Option Upgrade To AP

    Per Josh's retweet, Undercover Tourist has a limited supply of NE tickets available. I was going to buy tickets from UCT (4 DH + WPF and more for a 38.00 gate price discount) and upgrade to APs in September, and then this popped up. The last time I looked, it seemed the 6DPH +WPF and more...
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    Mount Vernon from Washington DC?

    Our family is planning our first DC trip at the end of May. We are wanting to do Monticello for sure (renting a car for 1 day), but are also interested in Mount Vernon. Is it feasible to do both in 1 day? Or would we be better off returning the rental car and doing Mount Vernon another day...
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    Cases of Water in Resort Gift Shops

    Can anyone confirm that Disney is now carrying water in the resort gift shops? I am specifically looking for information at the French Quarter. I was just getting ready to buy and ship for next week, but if I can get it at the resort, that would be a lot easier.