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    Overrated at WDW

    Test Track Turkey Legs American Adventure Pavilion
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    Oga's Cantina after close

    Ok, I'll be in Disney the first full week of June. I've gotten all my dining reservations done but was struggling to get Oga's. Lo and behold today I'm checking and up pops a reservation for 8:55 Pm and I snag it. However, Hollywood Studios closes at 8pm. What's the deal? Anyone have...
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    Disney Frogs or Frogs in Disney

    Awesome! I would think that there should be some theming for Princess and the Frog in these resorts. I will have to see what I can find.
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    I've got my first dose (pfizer) and my family and I will be fully done for our trip. It is a huge relief.
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    Disney Frogs or Frogs in Disney

    Yes. Its fun and weird at the same time! Thanks!!!
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    Disney Frogs or Frogs in Disney

    Surprisingly I forgot about that! Thanks for the reminder. Also if anyone is following along, there are frogs painted on the murals at Conservation Station in Animal Kingdom as well.
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    Planning used to be fun

    I'm going the week after you. This family hasn't roped dropped in YEARS. Its gonna be tough. My planner page is full of notes and times to move to the next ride. We are planning more on food experience this trip and not so much rides. We don't normally have a sit down table service meal every...
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    Disney Frogs or Frogs in Disney

    OOOOooo Thats awesome! Thanks
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    Disney Frogs or Frogs in Disney

    Yes I just went and goggled splash mountain frogs. There's a lot of him!! Yay! Thanks
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    Disney Frogs or Frogs in Disney

    Good Morning! We have a trip planned for this June. Under the current circumstances we have decided to switch up or standard trip for a trip that will be more centered around food and slowing down to look. With that being said I've created a Dole Whip to try as many flavors that we can. But...
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    I have not been in March (my 2020 was cancelled :() June, but have a trip booked for this June 2021 July September October Now that my Kids are official off the school calendar, I hope to get a Fall trip done.
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    Getting to/from Universal from Pop Century

    On one of our days during our stay, the adult kids want to go to Universal. What is the best way to get there and back from Pop Century? We have done it before a loooong time ago and I remember a shuttle type bus picked us up and a charter type bus brought us back. I looked at Mears and it...
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    Monorail rumor

    I just saw this and I'm so excited! Rumor: New monorails have been ordered. Squee, please be true!
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    Whispering Canyon and Water Parade

    If we have an 8:00pm Dinner at Whispering Canyon, is it worth it to stick around for about 45 mins to see the Electrical Water Parade at 9:45? It would be just me and 2 19yr olds. I'm sure we can easily pass the time exploring WL but I can do that before the dinner reservation too. Is the...