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    Budget airline "fun" (Frontier)

    They just announced non-stop service from ROC-MCO starting in May with a big $49 each way sale and all I can find on their website is RT flights starting at $200 and going up close to $400 for a no-frills-not-even-a-carry-on with a horrible reputation. I don't get it.
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    Park reservations

    No hours posted for August yet, but in Late July you're looking at park close of 9pm at MK and EP, 8pm at DHS and 7pm at AK. So to your point, the extra $70 wouldn't even get you 2-2.5 hours after dinner.
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    Rise of the Resistance, large group.

    I would suggest all nine of you try (or at least, everyone old enough to have a phone)
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    Hey Locals: OFF PROP Good Eats?

    I love their burnt ends (combination of pulled pork and well-done brisket) and their sides.
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    WDW at Six Flags

    BORING??? The anticipation of seeing the pull station (just through that door!) is electrifying!
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    WDW at Six Flags

    lol here's a photo from almost the exact same spot (from
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    Reservation/points question

    Yeah, sorry, I wasn't trying to call you out at all. Just seemed a bit like the kind of "tips and tricks" that would get shutdown in the past.
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    Planning in a New World

    This is what I'm seeing (from
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    Reservation/points question

    As I read it (earlier in this thread) I wondered if should even be censored out, like how threads were deleted about... I can't remember exactly, was it booking throwaway campsites to get a ridiculous amount of free magic bands?
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    Reservation/points question

    No, you can't use non-home points at 11 months. You have to wait to use those non-home points until 7 months.
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    Reservation/points question

    I guess it depends upon what you mean by "deducted." If you have 100 points available in the use year, and you make a reservation that requires 60 points in that use year, you available balance for that use year will be 40 points as soon as you finalize the reservation. Depending on a number of...
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    CBR Preferred

    Yes we had a great stay at POFQ (we LOVE New Orleans) but that resort is so small and so desirable it seems to always be excluded from discounts.
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    CBR Preferred

    Those are from my notes, 2019 so pre-COVID, using whatever room-only discounts were available back then. Looking now, the rack rates in November at CSR and CBR are in that same ballpark, so maybe a little lower if there's a promotion available.
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    CBR Preferred

    We LOVE Coronado, but with rates routinely $280-$350, I'd much rather rent points and stay DVC somewhere for less (assuming I was paying cash).
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    Unfortunately for that guy, $15,001.