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  • We can see them when they are posted on this public "Visitor Messages" section, but not if people use the Private Message system.

    I am not sure why RebelBuddist chose this format as he understands the PM system, since he's sent me a few PM's.

    I'm excited for your trip, and I think you're always good at asking for advice, taking it all in, then using what works best for you and your fiancee. Everyone is different, and we all have different things that make us happy. For instance, we would HATE having to eat TS meals every day at WDW, we love bringing our own food. I don't recommend it for most people (and some would call us crazy for doing it), but it sure works great for us.
    I read rebelbuddhist's message and then I read yours...right when I was wondering if you guys can see eachothers' posts..well uhm..I suppose you can! I'm just gonna go through this board the way I did last year. Ask for advice, give advice, and I'll take what I can find useful combined with my own intuition and wisdom. And I expect the same from anyone I'm giving Disney advice to. It just got kind of out-of-hand. That's all. Let's not let any of this ruin any Disney magic that might be had..this year especially.
    I'm the "woman from Oregon" Mr. Rebel is talking about. I'm sure you're smart enough to have your own opinions of all of us, and you've been here long enough to know our personalities, and you know I'm not a TA and I'm also not going to fly off the handle if someone doesn't follow my advice.
    I just posted after reading Brenda's reply to your postings. I also had such an interchange with a woman from Oregon who may be a TA but I am not sure. I find it frustrating that professional TAs participate in the forums not as equals but seem to think that their advice must be followed exactly as given and we should be happy to receive their words of wisdom. Planning means making your own decisions and that's a big part of the magic of WDW for me. Anyway, I finally just put the person on my ignore list so her posts are not displayed when I go to a thread unless I choose to read hers. That seems to be the best way to end an interchange like the one Brenda seems to be engaging with you. I am sure your June trip will be great just as YOU plan it. We will be there in July a few days after you leave!!
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