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    ADR Availability Thread

    Thanks to all for your responses. I think that the current park schedule for MK on 1/10 is 9AM-8PM. As Micah noted, if the fireworks are moved to 9, it would probably be easier to have a leisurely meal and still go back into the park.
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    ADR Availability Thread

    We did our reservations at 6 this morning for our trip from 1/7-1/11. We were able to get the following; all reservations were for a party of 2. I'm also noting whether the spots are still available now at 9:20AM. Hollywood Brown Derby for lunch on 1/7 (still available) Raglan Road brunch...
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    Marathon weekend trip

    Yes, my wife is conscious of trying to eat "good fuel" before the races; we were going to save the nicest dinner until after she's done. I'm guessing that a lot of places will be OK in terms of having relatively "safe" carb-loading options even if I'm not watching what I eat (and we can always...
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    Marathon weekend trip

    Thanks to all for your responses. You’ve given us a lot to think about. We will definitely have to temper expectations for getting a lot of park sightseeing in, and we will try to keep plans tentative (which isn’t easy with WDW!). The weather is definitely a wild card. January is the coolest...
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    Marathon weekend trip

    My wife and I are planning on going to WDW for the half and full marathon on Jan 8 and Jan 9 (She's running, but I'm not). This would be an adults-only trip, which we are looking forward to. We are arriving on Fri Jan 7, and leaving early on Tue Jan 11. It would be possible to be in the parks...
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    Overrated at WDW

    Space Mountain Jungle Cruise "Fur" character meets
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    I'm not sure if I've seen a product that I would simultaneously call "cute" and "grim" before.
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    I'm just saying...

    Yes, I participated in a meal-packing event for Rise Against Hunger, and it was just like what you described.
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    I'm just saying...

    I'm not sure whether this is the right place for this, but I thought that a few folks would be interested.. A friend at my church works for a charity called Rise Against Hunger. They primarily send very basic meals to impoverished nations abroad to prevent hunger or worse. Like most charities...
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    Order in which to reserve FP+

    There's a website called "thedibb" out of the UK that tracks FP availability for all of the popular attractions. The only one currently showing a lack of availability beyond Day 60 is Mickey and Minnie's RR.
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    Fall break or Thanksgiving break

    The average high/low temperatures in mid-October for Orlando are about 85/67, while they are about 76/56 in late November. November is drier (2.17" of rain and 6.3 days with precipitation on average) than October, which averages 3.37" of rain and 8.0 days with precipitation. Thanksgiving would...
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    Hollywood Studios Rope Drop

    While you're checked in to a resort, if you hit the "resort reservation" from the app, it will have an area with "bus times", which gives estimates for the next bus from your resort to each of the parks. Note that sometimes, the app will say "time unavailable", which isn't very helpful.
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    Thanks, Dining Plan! A Running Trip Report, Mostly Grousing, But Not All

    Although I agree that the band should be (and now is) The B-52s, the band itself used an apostrophe until 2008!
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    Second guessing HS plans

    For the RotR boarding groups, you're notified of your boarding group number right away when you successfully request a group at park open. Once your group is called, you get two hours to show up (probably better to spend most of this time touring if you get an early group). You'll want to allow...
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    How far ahead does everything need to be booked?

    I'm not an expert by any means, but I can take a shot at a few of your questions. Restaurants can be booked for your entire stay at 180 days after your check-in day. As to whether you need to book that far in advance, perhaps not unless you're going for hard-to-obtain reservations (e.g...