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    Skyliner for Studios Rope Drop

    for Riviera (and I assume Art of Animation / Pop Century) they had been allowing the first handful of groups at the station to skip the Caribbean Beach transfer line and go directly onboard the Hollywood Studios Skyliner; handful of groups was 8 in Oct 2020 at the Riviera station; we did this...
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    Ride Wait Time Chart

    I'd recommend; they have daily updates so it's real time but I'm not sure if they have aggregate data for a week / month / year; still the daily data might suit your needs if you're really interested, I believe they use this code to collect their data...
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    Rise of the Resistance Layout Overview (Spoilers)

    very cool! now I know how they led us out when the ride broke down; my head was spinning at the time but it all makes sense now
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    All Ears does Riviera Resort scavenger hunt

    you all lost me back at newspaper conventions and bedsheets but I have learned my lesson: I will make sure to spell out Riviera next time; I usually keep to more Disney Vacation Club focused corners of the internet so I'm sure I have a bit of "cool kids" / "in-the-know" abbreviation syndrome
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    All Ears does Riviera Resort scavenger hunt

    you're all boujee with your multiple fitted sheets in your fancy linen cabinets; our sheets go from the bed, to the washer, then dryer, and back on the bed; a post-noon washer entry can be a gamble; if you lose, you're stuck on unfitted flat sheets for the night like savages speaking of sheets...
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    All Ears does Riviera Resort scavenger hunt

    my bad, it's one of the abbreviations for the Riviera Resort (DVC uses it on their official documents) but I think RIV is preferred by most people yeah, I'm with you; some amount of grazing is a healthy guilty pleasure (especially if you watch at 2x speed) but a total lack of mental stimulation...
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    All Ears does Riviera Resort scavenger hunt

    I've heard a lot of shade directed at RVA over the last two years or so; its effect on the state of American education and grammar is a new perspective ... :D
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    All Ears does Riviera Resort scavenger hunt

    I watch these all the time because you pick-up on some cool facts about whatever location they are in; it was fun to see them do RVA today and I actually knew some of the answers for a change! it would be fun to copy the board they used in the video and play with your family / friends if you...
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    I know nothing about OKW

    there is a wide sidewalk next to the main north/south road and all the smaller groups of villas have sidewalks that connect to it so it's safe to walk; there might be a place here or there where you have to cross a parking lot but in general you keep away from cars; the longest walk is ~1 km...
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    Removing people from family/friends list

    looks like you solved your problem so you won't benefit from this but for anyone else, I had luck with the contact form sending the request for someone like this to be removed; it took a while (maybe a few days, don't remember) but they eventually emailed saying they had removed the person
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    Tom vs Josh

    I'd watch if it was Josh vs. Josh; loved your sarcasm and it looked like you had some good prep material (or at least you were reading from something hilarious)
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    When you stalk nights

    at least twice a day, usually one of those being after midnight Orlando time; my thinking is I'll get some Cinderella style magic and a villa or two will free up after the bewitching hour I had some success with that strategy last fall but that was probably just dumb luck; I've been stalking...
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    I'm just saying...

    love it! much to the chagrin of my social sciences [sic] partner, I always tell my daughters, "you can be absolutely anything you want to be: mechanical engineers, civil engineers, electrical engineers, chemical engineers, industrial engineers, biomedical engineers, aerospace engineers ... "
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    Historical availability?

    very true, they're not perfect; it does attempt to enumerate things folks only bloviated about before so it's like ground penetrating radar vs. water witching: neither is correct but at least one tries to have some scientific basis I'm not a fan of the charts because they made me buy more...
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    Rant thread

    congrats, your progress and bravery are admirable also, I'm glad you wore your buttons on separate days; I would have been thoroughly confused thinking you were some sort of Benjamin Button