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  • Josh-wanted to see if you and Erin would want to join my wife and I for brunch at California Grill on December 8th, our treat. Best, Jason
    How can I change my username? Mine has been ridiculous from day 1. Can't promise my next one will be much better, but I thought to give it a try...
    Hi Josh,

    I'm new here and I tried to subscribe to EasyWDW and it wouldn't let me for some reason. Any idea how I can subscribe? Thank you!
    Found error on top of p 58. You're talking about pop. Hall is classic hall, not animation hall. What can I say? I'm a librarian AND a former proofreader. Live ur website and follow ur crowd recommendations. Take care
    I could really use your input on my Epcot, HS & MK days...especially Epcot...thanks!
    Hi Josh! I just wanted to double check with you...I started a blog to copy and paste my trip report on for family and friends to read. The TR will be the first and only entry. ;) It's mostly just my parents/older relatives. I'd just link them to the TR here but they won't "get" a forum.

    I wanted to write more about our experience at Enchanted Tales w/ Belle and love your pic of it ok w/ you if I use some of your pics on it? I'm happy to give credit to you for them.

    Hey Josh, I'm getting so anxious for a February crowd calander. Any idea when you'll have it ready? TIA
    Well, this is embarrassing. I thought that message on Nov. 23 was a private message...ooops.
    Hi. Did you or anyone else have difficulty getting to the site for a little while tonight? I didn't have a problem getting anywhere else online. Probably nothing at all, but wanted to let you know just in case.

    Josh I love my new tag! I am laughing sooooo hard. You are right about the dogs. I wonder if the vet techs have a parasol parade on Monday mornings for the dogs? Thanks for starting my week off with a good laugh! I love your sense of humor! You have an entertaining writing style.
    Hey, Josh, I need some weather info!!! I just looked at the forecast for Oct. 7th - 15th and it looks like there is rain for the majority of the week. Most of the days are 40% to 60%. How is the actual weather looking for you and what are the local weather personalities saying? We are leaving for WDW regardless on Oct. 7th but a less rainy opinion would be greatly appreciated!!! My email is If you are at the parks any of the dates stated above send me an email. I would like to meet the namesake of my third child (really his name is William but he doesn't know that yet).
    So...Josh, if I gave you a Diney challenge...would you be interested? I really really want to meet a certain CM, however, I don't know if it's possible. I actually don't know her name and she plays multiple characters. How would you or I or both of us find out if I could possibly meet her. I love her more than any Hollywood actress, I know she's the same CM >.< Possible? I didn't know where else to post this...
    Thx for the title! In the last two weeks Family Movie Night has been "The Love Bug", "Tarzan" and "Aladdin". Only 3,909 more to go! ;)
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