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    Home near WDW

    We have friends who just moved from WV to FL. After years of being told their jobs could not be done remotely, the pandemic proved their employer wrong. They are currently renting in Windermere. ETA: they have kids ranging from a senior in HS to a first grader. So, from what I understand, aside...
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    September 2020 Universal/MNSSHP Trip Report

    Very sorry for your loss. Glad you were able to enjoy your trip and it gave you some comfort.
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    I would opt for compliance. An ill fitting mask that they'll wear is 100% more effective than a KN95 that ends up on their chin or in their backpacks.
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    Galactic Starcruiser Hotel: Disney Printin’ Money, Part XVIII

    maybe I'll get laughed off the page for wondering this. I understand Disney is not in the business of dumping a ton of money into an attraction/resort/whatever this is without know it's ROI or knowing it has a large enough audience to get an ROI. But, at this price point for this niche of an...
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    Local(ish) beer recommendations?

    Cigar City Brewing, Florida Cracker Pale Ale. I picked up a six pack at the Publix in Celebration when last time we were down in 2018. 3 Daughters Brewing (St. Petersburg), Key Lime Cider. Not sure where you can get this around Orlando. Had it on tap at resort in Safety Harbor in Feb. 2020...
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    RunDisney Team easyWDW

    I was able to register for the Full this morning! I ran my very first half marathon at WDW in 2016 and I'm super excited to be going back to a runDisney race for my first full marathon! Although, my excitement is tempered a bit by the current COVID situation in FL. Hopefully, things are better...
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    HEA logistics

    Same. But that would have been back in 2018, I think.
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    RunDisney Team easyWDW

    Good luck tomorrow to everyone trying to get a spot in a Wine & Dine race! I'm hoping to snag a spot for a Marathon weekend race on the 27th. So, I'll be interested to hear how the Wine & Dine registration process goes and how fast the races sell out.
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    Roll the stone away It's Independence Day! (July 3-5)

    Have fun! Enjoy! Looking forward to hearing how it went.
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    What was your last ride in WDW?

    Soarin' in May 2018 with my oldest son, after the rest of the family left early to go back to the resort.
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    Universal Studios

    I second Orlando Informer. Undercover Tourist also has useful info/itineraries.
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    Seen any good movies? Or bad ones?

    Going to the drive-in tonight with the whole family. First feature is Inside Out. Which we've all seen and enjoy. So, that will be fun. We normally never stay for the second show because it doesn't even begin until after 11. BUT, tonight's second show is Empire Strikes Back (inarguably Lucas'...
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    My Disney Wall!

    Fun! I agree with Cinderellagirl; always room for a little more Disney!
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    I'm just saying...

    Our stay at home order here in WV begins tomorrow at 8 pm and the Governor ordered all non-essential businesses to close at that time. Nevertheless, the non-essential closure order carves out an exception for "small businesses which do not invite in the public and which have five or fewer...
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    US and IOA

    Looks like you have the big ones covered. Just did a quick visit (2 park days) at the beginning of Feb. My two teens, DS15 and DD13, did Hagrid's twice, Gringott's three times, the Mummy twice, Hulk at least twice, and Rip Ride Rocket I think four times. Biggest surprise though was my 15 yr old...