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    Show me your pets!

    Okay, so here are my babies: This is Jax at Halloween. He's a total sweetheart, but he's a very big cat (roughly 20 pounds). We've had him for almost ten years and he's my baby. This is Pixie, who is currently in a very bright pink cast (as you can see). Hopefully she'll get it taken off...
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    New Kids' TS options in MK

    I'm not sure if anyone else saw this, but I thought I would post it as some of these options might be appealing for those with children who are a bit more adventurous:
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    Adult Beverage of Choice

    I thought it might be helpful for those of us who do like to have an adult drink to share what beverages we find particularly delicious or appealing. Please share what it is, where you can find it, and if, from the name, it's not obvious what the drink involves, share that as well.
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    Fantasy Football

    It's that time of year, ladies and gentlemen. Yes, that's right - my fantasy football league is in the signing up stages, so if anyone wants in, let me know. I also participate in a pick 'em league that my brother runs, so if you might be interested in that, again, let me know. My only...
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    Dining Question of the Week: 6/22: Favorite Epcot Restaurant

    If you could only eat in one Epcot restaurant, which one would you choose and why? It can be CS or TS - and if you want to specify a particular meal time, please feel free.
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    Dining Question of the Week: 6/6: Romantic Dinner

    If you could do dinner anywhere in WDW with just your significant other, where would you dine, and why? Answers could be anything that you would find romantic, even if it's a bit unconventional.
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    Dining Question of the Week: 5/31: Favorite Lunch

    What is your favorite lunch? It could be a TS, CS, or character lunch. It could be a lunch in the parks or at a resort. Feel free to include multiple options if you have different ones that make you happy - but also include some reasons so that we know why you like this lunch so much.
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    Dining Question of the Week: 5/15: Favorite Breakfast

    I'm going to shamelessly steal from Gregg and try to drum up some conversation in this forum that I hope will be helpful to those planning trips. With that in mind, this week's question is: What is your favorite breakfast? It could be a TS, CS, or character breakfast. It could be a breakfast...
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    Theme Park Entry Question

    I'm going to stick this question here in Chit Chat as I'm pretty sure it isn't something any normal person will care about for their itinerary planning. I'm doing a paper on entry into the parks for my Operations Management class (trying to figure out how to improve the process), and I have a...
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    Never Again Restaurant/Food

    So, the Must Not Do thread got me thinking - what restaurants would you stay away from? Or, what food items would you avoid?
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    FAQ: The Types of Disney Restaurants

    Counter Service (CS) or Quick Service (QS) - these are basically the same thing. While many fall into the fast food category (burgers, pizza, chicken fingers, etc.), there are others that offer a lot of other options. Table Service (TS) - most of the time, this refers to restaurants that count...
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    Favorite Disney Restaurants?

    What are your favorite restaurants (table service or counter service)? Why?
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    Handy Restaurant Links

    To make ADRs via Disney's online reservation system: To view sample menus for Walt Disney World restaurants: To view...