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  • Hi Liz!
    I just got back from the World and read your message. Thank you so much for the info!! I would love to see a copy of the inventory list just to get an idea of what all you get. How many kids are in your school? Do you think it would work if we did it as a fundraiser? That was the hope at our school. We would just mark things up a buck or two depending in the item. I'm not totally sure how to PM you. Maybe it isn't an option on an iPhone? This was the only way I could see to send you a message.
    I don't have my touring plans there, just here :) I posted some big files of activity pages for jandeeah, but that is all that is there.
    Hi Bookmommy!

    Marge comes highly rated and she uses this condo as a retreat for her family.Her email is: She is super nice and she doesn't have a cancellation fee. Windsor Hills gets great reviews too. Hope this helps. We are like you cash or debit, that's it. I sent her a check to hold the condo. Good luck-hope this works for you. Kelli
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