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    Questions about Candlelight Procession, and the rest of my plan

    Day 1 is done! (Well, I’m on line waiting for the Skyliner to take me back to Pop, but basically, done) I’ll do a full trip report when I’m back but I wanted to report back on two of my questions. I was able to get a Ratatouille VQ spot at 7am that didn’t get called until 2:25, when I was...
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    Genie+ and park hopping (Epcot to MK)

    No, I think you are misunderstanding the system. Here are the possible situations -7am book 11am TT, ride TT between 11 and 12, book any Epcot or MK (only times after 2pm will be an option) ride once you tap-in -7am book noon TT, ride TT between 12 and 1, book any Epcot or MK ride once you...
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    G+/LL/virtual queue--Epcot

    Definitely Rat VQ. I've been tracking it (because I am trying for it tomorrow) and the VQ seems to close within a minute of 7am.
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    Questions about Candlelight Procession, and the rest of my plan

    I hope you're wrong. I won't be able to get there until 2:30/3, maybe they'll still have packages left? If not, I'm in the same situation I thought I'd be anyway, so whatever.
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    Loophole closed for booking double LL with G+

    If I am starting my day at AK (8am open) but only reserving G+ for my hop to MK (9am open) can I reserve my second (MK) ride at 10am or 11am?
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    Questions about Candlelight Procession, and the rest of my plan

    Good news for me! And anyone else wanting to see the Candlelight Processional. I just read on the Disney Food Blog (I know, I know, but with Josh out of commission, it's the only way for me to get a sense of which Festival foods I want to try when I'm there next week) that The Regal Eagle...
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    Our fearless leader is back in action

    Josh, I'm so sorry to hear about your ordeal, that is so so scary. But I'm glad you're back with us now. I was getting worried that the whole Genie thing made you quit the biz altogether and we'd never have your witty, sarcastic, but oh so wise advice again.
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    My experience with early entry, genie+ and individual lightning lanes at HS

    This is something that I thought of when G+ was first announced. If everyone buys it, it's not a good value AND it clogs up the standby queue so NOBODY is happy, except of course Disney's books. It seems that if you go during busy times, it makes more sense to pay for the ILL attractions and do...
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    Questions about Candlelight Procession, and the rest of my plan

    Is that 45 minutes prior to the EE RD? So 6:45?
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    Questions about Candlelight Procession, and the rest of my plan

    Thanks for the info about CP. I am hoping that reduction in dining packages will mean the standby line has a better chance of getting in. I decided to get the 2-Day PH ticket to give me the option to hop during my first day. It ended up being only $3 more (I saved $3 by choosing a ticket start...
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    Pressed pennies

    Well this is very upsetting. And honestly, I don't see myself buying the increased price/card only pennies. So they've now lost my $.50. How does that impact their bottom line? Because it's not just about having a pressed penny at the end of the day, it's about collecting, organizing, and...
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    I wondered if this is why projectx was able to get a full refund from Disney. I'm sure Disney doesn't want you coming there with a positive case, so they would rather refund full vacations than have people come anyway because they don't want to lose their deposit, etc.
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    Current Bus Experiences?

    I am now triple-vaxxed. Regardless of what Disney does, I will be wearing a mask indoors and avoiding indoor dining as much as possible on my trip in 3 weeks. I hope that they don't change the rules but won't cancel my trip if they do. As mentioned above, changing the rules based on transmission...
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    Pressed pennies

    Tell them why. Tell them that if they follow your plan, you'll get xyz done, etc. And if they stop for every little thing, they won't get to do those big things in the plan. And then let them make their choice. And you can either go on without them, or change your expectations and enjoy the day.