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    Genie+ Lightning Lane Per Ride Limit: 1x/day

    I 100% agree. I’ll go out of my way to find a written explanation over a video any day. I feel the reason for this trend towards video is much simpler than monetary(all though that is probably the big draw). I find that the younger generations are “visual learners”. My kids (30 & 21) will...
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    USB Ports in Resort Rooms

    This has frustrated me to no end. We are “Apple People” and have taken advantage of and enjoyed the convenience of all our devices using the same plug. We have multiple USB ports and plugs strewn throughout our house. My daughter and I bought new IPad Air tablets without realizing they had the...
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    Quick thoughts after Columbus Day weekend trip

    I I like your review of KiteTails. I’ve only heard negatives so far but it’s nice to hear someone appreciate the silly simplicity of it. Makes me WANT to see it instead of avoiding it like the mainstream as insinuated. To be fair, my favorite attraction is Carousel of Progress so obviously I’m...
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    Emails the forum sends out

    The only email I get is a happy birthday-not complaining. It makes my day every time I get it!
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    September 2020 Universal/MNSSHP Trip Report

    I’m so sorry for your loss. My mom passed in June and I know having something to look forward to and occupy your mind makes it slightly easier to cope
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    This!!! Why does something that feels like common sense/decency fail to resonate with some people?
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    NBA Experience

    Is my family the only one who loved DisneyQuest?
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    PSA: Helping kids with math homework.

    Just dont… I was helping my son, he’s 30 now so quite a while ago, with his Algebra 2 when he was in middle school. He was not taught how to turn a fraction into a decimal. The school system taught the kids to memorize the values just like the multiplication table. If it was not a fraction he...
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    New Contemporary Rooms

    I don’t understand why they can’t do this tastefully. Rooms(in my time visiting) have always had Disney “touches”. What is with the new need for “IN YOUR FACE!!!!!” design? I feel like we are reliving the ‘80’s
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    New Contemporary Rooms

    I don’t mind the IP stuff in theory but the recent execution of it, I agree, feels cheap.
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    Tom vs Josh

    I just found this podcast: Rooster Teeth is an internet-based production company. This is their first endeavor into Disney and theme park content. They also have a few other podcast that are quite entertaining (BlackBoxDown is my favorite!) The host...
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    Overrated at WDW

    Rain storms and how quickly they empty out the parks Sunshine Warm weather(especially in the winter!)
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    "They must have teeth" - A Covid spring break TR

    We have no plans to go anytime soon but the idea of trying to get Rise boarding stresses me so much!!!
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    Budget airline "fun" (Frontier)

    Sounds exactly like my experience with Fontier!