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    New Contemporary Rooms

    I don’t understand why they can’t do this tastefully. Rooms(in my time visiting) have always had Disney “touches”. What is with the new need for “IN YOUR FACE!!!!!” design? I feel like we are reliving the ‘80’s
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    New Contemporary Rooms

    I don’t mind the IP stuff in theory but the recent execution of it, I agree, feels cheap.
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    Tom vs Josh

    I just found this podcast: Rooster Teeth is an internet-based production company. This is their first endeavor into Disney and theme park content. They also have a few other podcast that are quite entertaining (BlackBoxDown is my favorite!) The host...
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    Overrated at WDW

    Rain storms and how quickly they empty out the parks Sunshine Warm weather(especially in the winter!)
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    "They must have teeth" - A Covid spring break TR

    We have no plans to go anytime soon but the idea of trying to get Rise boarding stresses me so much!!!
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    Budget airline "fun" (Frontier)

    Sounds exactly like my experience with Fontier!
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    I'm just saying...

    It sounds like your daughter has a bright future! Her determination is inspiring. I love hearing about schools that have specialized programs like this. Generalized education does so little to help kids prepare for real jobs and real life.
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    Horse Flies?

    Thanks George! I have not heard any complaints either. We are making a short list of possible resort for a future visit and that is all we could remember about our short stay there🧐
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    Horse Flies?

    My family and I stayed at PORS for only 1 day many years ago and we had a horrible time with horse flies at the pool. We have never experienced this at any other resort and it was only one day so we are wondering if this is common there?
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    Rant thread

    I have the exact opposite of this problem. I prefer to have cc on all the time and need to turn it back on after my husband has watched TV. I find myself listening/reading simultaneously with out thinking about it. That allows the TV volume to be kept at a lower volume so commercials, loud...
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    Tom vs Josh

    Thank you! Josh hasn’t had a new podcast for a time so this is perfect.
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    Seen any good movies? Or bad ones?

    I just recommended this to my niece last night. A little quirky, kinda cute, funny and very enjoyable
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    Keeping busy at home

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    This is more of a question for Josh and others who have visited WDW recently; Does it “feel” the same? I have thought a lot about whether if my situation were different, would I take a trip to WDW now. The wait times are so attractive. I don’t like large crowds so the lack of people is a bonus...