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    Photo Pass Share/Getting Your Own Pictures

    I am part of a photo share that the final download is about to be done. Once the leader downloads all the photos in the dummy account, how do I get only mine? I would like to be able to put them on my own computer. The leader wasn't sure how I could do this. I tried to download the book by...
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    MDE Account Just for ADRs

    I want to keep my ADRs separate from my resort reservations so when I eventually make FP+ selections I will not run into any issues with times crossing over with between ADRs and FP+ times So my husband has an MDE account that is completely separate from my MDE account and our DVC account. It...
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    Low Dollar Rates

    Dollar currently has really low rates for the dates of our travel in October. I got a gate rate last night; $14.14 per day for an economy car but just checked again and rates are even lower. The ecomony rate is now $10 and the Lock and Go rate is $11 something. We are going the October 10-14...
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    Soarin' Over America

    My friend sent this to me, she has never been to Disney but as soon as I watched it, I thought of Soarin' immediately and how this movie would be great as a "ride". It is a bit long, nearly 6 minutes and a few scenes remind me of Soarin. Of course it would still have to end down Mainstreet to...
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    Entertainment Books $12 for 12 Hours

    Just seen this in my in-box so I am a bit late. If anyone needs an Entertainment book for an upcoming trip (Orlando, Aulani) or even at home they are $12. I know they have been cheaper but not such a bad deal. Here is the link...
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    AK Question

    I am helping friends plan their Disney trip and we don't do AK very often and when we do it is pretty minimal. I want to make sure I give them the best advice so I figured I would check with the experts here. They will arrrive for RD and want to ride the Safari only once and EE twice. With the...
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    I am not Craig that is for sure!! And this isn't an old shot since it is from 2 years ago. However it is one of my favorite of both my kids and the Matterhorn behind it. I am horrible picture taker and this is probably one of my better shots.
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    New Dooney's 5/12

    Not sure if anyone has seen this but for those who loves the Dooney & Burke Disney purses I read new styles are being released on May 12th. Although it seems from the article that they will only be in DLR and the Fantasy. I am a personal fan of the DL Retro pattern and have quite a bit of it...
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    Tree House Villas - 1 Night Stay

    We just returned from our Thanksgiving Weekend Trip and stayed 1 night at the THV on Thanksgiving. We stayed at BWV the other 3 nights but added the additional night and the THV was available and although it was a bit of pain changing rooms for such a short trip we all really wanted to try the...
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    Booked Aulani Today

    My 7 month window opened today. I haven't really heard of anyone not being able to get what they want at the 7 month mark at Aulani, but called exactly at 9 am anyway. I got a 1 bedroom pool view for our family in June. We will be celebrating DS HS graduation. DH and I have been to Maui once...
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    Saved On My Rental!

    We are 28 days out from our trip and I thought I would see if I could find a better rate for our rental during the trip. Since we are going for the 4 day Holiday over Thanksgiving the rates have been higher than I would like, but not too bad. I have been using for the last few...
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    DHS Evening-November 25th

    A typical park day for us is RD at one park and then hop to another park for the evening. The evening park is always laid back and never about what we can ride. So doing DHS only in the evening is a new experience, so I have come to the experts here. We just visted WDW in June, this November...
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    40th Anniversary T-Shirts

    I was reading the Disney Blog this morning and it appears there are some special signings going on that day for anyone who will be there on October 1st but the blog also mentioned that the 40th Anniversary shirts from the park will be available on line starting tomorrow through Sunday. Just...
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    ME Questions

    We always rent a car and are doing so for our November trip as well. However there are 7 of us and we won't all fit in a mini van with everyone's luggage. So we are going to have two people take ME. We will be getting their luggage when we get ours so ME will just be transporting two people...
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    Kitchen Sink

    My DD graduated 8th grade and I made a video for her so I was going through lots of old pictures (tons of them from Disney, of course)! Anyway came across one on her birthday (4 1/2 years ago) with the Kitchen Sink at BC. We were talking about this with our family the other day as well and...