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    How to know when FP are added

    Thanks. Last night we got a SD for one of our park days! It didn't appear as if MFSR or MMRR had been added yet. Still keeping an eye out for later in the week.
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    How to know when FP are added

    When HS changes park hours from a 9:00 opening to 8:00 opening, how long does it take for Disney to add FP options in the 8:00 hour? And other than frequent checking, is there a better way to know WHEN they add those FP? We are offsite so this is our only opportunity to try to snag a FP for...
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    Upgrading to AP before the trip

    I think technically I do want to bridge the ticket though. I want credit for the Disney price of a 7 day hopper. Not the UT price of the 7 day hopper. Do I definitely need to use my ticket once to ensure this?
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    Upgrading to AP before the trip

    Ok thanks. I remember something awhile back about using the ticket first to lock in the price or something like that. Maybe that’s what we will do. We will have to pay for parking on the first day (we stay offsite), so I’m assuming once I upgrade to an AP sometime later while at the park, then...
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    Upgrading to AP before the trip

    I have a 7 day park hopper purchased from UT with a start date of 3/26. I’m planning to upgrade that ticket to an AP for our upcoming visit. Is that possible to do on the app or over the phone in order to get the MB shipped to me before the trip? Or do I have to go to guest services in person...
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    ROTR BP with multiple people on same MDE account

    So having multiple people in your party login to the SAME account on different devices is ok and won’t cause a crash? Is that better or worse than having multiple in your party login to their own accounts that have everyone in the party linked?
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    Would you rather...

    We are a family of 6 driving to WDW for Spring Break (3/28 - 4/4). We will have 7 day park hoppers. Would you... 1. Get up early and drive down, arriving around 4:00, and plan to book FP and enjoy a park for the last four hours of operation or so, and count this as day 1 of your 7 day...
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    purchasing tickets one at a time

    I've never purchased from Parksavers before, only UT, but they get good reviews and seem reputable, and have the best prices for our Spring Break trip. The website states that you can have physical tickets mailed, which it what we would choose because I would like to be ready to walk in the...
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    Buying Magic Bands

    I was hoping to purchase MB for our next trip since we are staying offsite. I see all the character options and even the updated solid colors. I cannot find an option to purchase classic MB (the colors you choose for free when staying onsite) online, in order to have in advance. Am I missing...
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    Will ME take us to a different resort?

    I usually drive to WDW, but this is a girls trip with a friend and we are both flying into MCO around the same time. We are staying at Pop but want to head straight from the airport to AKL for dinner at Sanaa. Will it be an issue to take ME to AKL instead of Pop? And what about our bags? If we...
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    How does EMM affect RD at HS?

    DH and I are planning an anniversary trip to be in the parks on the following dates: 10/20-10/22. That gives us 3 days for the four parks. The current plan is MK on Sat, AK on Sun, RD HS Mon and then hop to EP for F&W for the rest of the day. We will RD all of our days and might also decide...
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    AP now or later?

    DH and I are planning an anniversary trip in Oct and then we will follow with a family trip for Spring Break 2019. At the very least, one of us will upgrade our 3 day park hopper for the Oct trip to an AP. The actual price difference is about $30 more than just buying 7 day hoppers for the...
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    2019: April or June?

    I have another dates question... Looking ahead to our next family trip and we are debating our spring break vs the first week of summer. So March 31-April 7 (Easter is April 21) or June 1-8? I know the weather is better in April but I’m wondering if crowds will be fewer in June since so many...
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    October dates

    Planning an anniversary trip in October and can't decide if we want to visit during the first part of DH's week off, or the last part. Debating SAT-TUES (Oct 13-16) or THURS-SUN (Oct 18-21). I don't think crowds will be different (someone correct me if I'm wrong), but hotels are definitely...
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    TT, Soarin, FEA without FP

    Planning to hit RD at EP on Sat, 9/30. If we want to do TT, Soarin, and FEA without fp, what order should we attempt? We are willing to do single rider at TT. I'm thinking single rider at TT > Soarin > FEA, in that order but would like input. Thanks!