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  • Hi, eveyone. I know it's a bit wierd to post my first message on the eve of our departure. I've been lurking, reading and learning for a year. I just can't thank everyone enought. I've been twice back in the early 90's yes that dates me.. Once with my hubby pre marriage on one of our first vacations. We both had the flu almost the entire week. Daddy has never wanted to go back to Florida so this took some talking into. As long as we are heathly it should be easy to improve on that trip. We have taken our boys 11 and 12 to DL a couple of times. This trip started because our older son did a state box project on Flordia and wanted to go visit the items he put in his box.

    I know you will all recognize us as I have one son who only owns school Uniforms and U of W gear. Purple head to toe with a W that's us. So say HI.. Since we are from rainy Seattle 70 degree's and Sunshine we will be in shorts and tee's loveing it..

    Yeah can't wait we leave tomorrow night. :RpS_tongue:
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