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    Park Reservation System ?

    Thanks for your reply. I was leaning that way too on thinking FP+ may not return as long as the Park Reservation System is in place. As I mentioned they have that available thru 01/2022. I hope there is a viable vacine that is safe and available to all, sooner than later. Challenging times indeed.
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    Park Reservation System ?

    I noticed the buckets too. I usually always keep my room and tickets separate (not a package). Probably purchase the tickets now and lock in my park choices, I may hold off on the room reservations. Thanks for your input
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    Park Reservation System ?

    Hello All, I haven't been to DW in a few years now and with the new Park Reservation System taking the place of FP+ for now, I had some questions. Everything I had noticed so far is as long as I have tickets linked in MDE I can make my park day reservations immediately as long as that park...
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    Buy $100 Disney Springs card, get $25 bonus card

    Starting July 10th if you buy a limited edition $100 Disney shopping card at World of Disney (Disney Springs) you will get a bonus $25 card that will expire 10/29/17. $100 card value does not expire. I believe this is for merchandise only. This promo is outside my travel dates but I hope some...
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    FP+ and late arrival-Travel Day

    Hello all, Just looking for some opinions. My situation is arriving at MCO 11/01/17 10AM. We have planned for Epcot that day with a 5:40 ADR at Via Napoli. My question is about FP+ options. I was going to try for a FP+ as close to 12 or 1 pm as possible for FEA. Would it be better to schedule...
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    Book ADR for check out day?

    Hello all, I had a quick question about ADRs. If it's possible I may get a later flight home on my on site check out day which is/will be 11/05/17. Will the ADR system still allow me to make a reservation on check out day? I want to say yes, but have never tried to get an ADR on check out day...
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    Disney store online--free ship for Labor Day

    To anyone interested , I got an email this morning. Disney store has free shipping and 25% off "select" merchandise today 09/07/15 only with code LABORDAY. Free ship with no minimum is always nice. Please see T &C below for all details. Hope this helps someone!! :RpS_smile: Labor Day Weekend...
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    Table Size Help and ?

    Hello all, I am planning some ADRs for an upcoming trip. I will have 9 people total 8 adults and a baby. I remember from previous trips with larger group sizes, I was better off effectively making two reservations for smaller groups of say 4 or 5 people. This was in fact the only way I could get...
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    FP+ and Upgrade to AP ?

    Hello all, I have been away from the mouse for a bit and have not traveled since FP+ has ruled the land. I always buy a UT ticket and upgrade to AP and grab a TIW card at guest service inside of which ever park we go to first. I am just thinking if I do this after I have my FP+ already scheduled...
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    $7 coupon for Disney Little Mermid Blueray Combo Pack

    ***UPDATED***$7 coupon for Disney Little Mermaid Blueray Combo Pack Scott shared values has yet another coupon. It is sort of a protracted sign up process. FYI must sign in or join Scott's website AND also be a DMR member to get coupon. It will print twice per computer. linky...
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    $7 Coupon for OZ the Great and Powerful

    $7 Scott brand coupon for OZ the great and Powerful. Coupon expires 6/14/13. Link is here -->
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    Ap entry with RFID turnstile update

    Hello all, I am curious as to what entry has been like with AP or regular (non RFID) passes since some of the entrances have been converted. I saw Josh post something about heading to the left side at EPCOT. And I was wondering if anyone has any tips or suggested side to go to at any of the...
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    Wreck it Ralph $7 Coupon

    Have used Price Matching and manufacturers coupons many, many times at Best Buy never a problem. I believe the order in which they are applied DOES matter. From what I can recall, always PM first, then rewards zone certs, then MQ. Warning PM ALMOST always has to get the manager involved. Did the...
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    Wreck it Ralph $7 Coupon

    Scott brands and Disney are at it again, this time for Wreck it Ralph. Coupon valid in store March 5-8, 2013. Limit two printed coupons per computer. Link---> Enjoy!!
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    Peter Pan Diamond Edition $7 coupon

    Disney and Scott brands are having a $7 off coupon for Peter Pan Diamond edition Blue Ray. Link is here ---> Expires 2/8/13. Also a 5 dollar off, not sure they would stack or not, but worth a try. Linky ---->...