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    AK RD Plan

    Arrive 7:30 FOP SB Na'vi SB 8:55 FOP w/FP EE SB, EE SR Dinosaur SB 11:00 KS w/FP 11:30 Lunch Satu'li Explore Pandora 13:00 Lion King Gorilla Falls/MJT 14:30 Flights of Wonder 15:30 Bus to AKL 16:30 Boma 17:30 Bus back to AK 18:50 ROL w/FP 19:30 Explore Pandora at night 20:00 Bus/Uber back to hotel
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    Where is the November Crowd Calendar?

    The dropdown goes from October 2016 to December 2015. No november :RpS_ohmy: Thanks!
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    Little Ones MK 1 Day

    Hi Everyone, I’m helping my friend with her plans. She has 2 little ones, DS 4 and DD 19 months. Original plan was to visit MK on Thursday, 12/20/12 which is a Party day. TA calendar has MK opening at 8:00. They will arrive at before opening. They will be arriving early for RD. Here’s my...
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    HS June 14th

    Hi Everyone, Both Josh and "Walt" have HS closing at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday 6/14. Does anyone know if this is a special event? If it really is closing early, I definitely want to keep this as our HS day for lower crowds. I'm just concerned that they'll add a F! and extend the hours (and the...
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    More Flights of Wonder

    Here are my fans from last year (this year, I relaxed and watched the show instead of taking pix). Yes, he got the grape; no I did not get that shot! IMG_1414 by Disneyslave, on Flickr A little fuzzy, but the best I could do with a 50mm at a distance. IMG_1448 by Disneyslave, on Flickr...