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    MK EMM and BOG breakfast

    I know after Josh's most recent post on EMM, I asked about the BOG breakfast and the ability to still ride Mine Train early. He said to figure at least 1 ride before the crowds get there. Is this because of the additional EMM people riding or are breakfast guests not allowed to ride early on...
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    MK 2/25 schedule change

    I had seen on this site that MK hours changed from 9-9 on that day to 9-10. I now see it is 8-9, and Disney's site is the same. I had RD plans to follow the one-day plan (PP, Pooh, then Seven Dwarves FP). Should I do something different now with that opening? We will still do RD, and I can't...
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    Epcot late arrival

    I have fast passes for 2/26 (most recommended day) for Epcot as follows: SE 9:30-10:30, TT 10:30-11:30, Crush 11:30-12:30. We will be at MK late with kids the night before and with Soarin closed, we are not doing RD. If we arrive at 10:00....1) will we get through the gates and to SE in time? 2)...
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    Epcot stategy without Soarin

    Any thoughts on how to alter Josh's 1-day Epcot plan when Soarin is down? I had planned to RD Test Track and now wonder if I should FP+ it or try RD and get a FP+ for it later in the day as well
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    Liquor bottle prices vs. store pricing

    I was wondering if they sell 750 ml size bottles at the resort shops and how the pricing compares to what we would normally pay. Looking for 2 basic items, Jose Cuervo Silver and Tanqueray for our stay
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    MK 1 day Cheat Sheet question

    When following the 1 day cheat sheet, would FP+ for Tink instead of Jungle Cruise be an issue at all? It seems like it might be a little more out of the way but I was mainly wondering about time
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    MK 1 day plan, additional FP+

    I am planning to follow Josh's 1 day touring plan of MK exactly (except doing tea cups instead of Laugh floor or People Mover at 1:35). The last step listed is using a FP+ at IASW, ending at 3:50. I know the times will differ and it might be difficult to follow the plan exactly, but assuming we...