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    My mom lost her sense of taste and smell 16 yrs ago due to a brain tumor and the surgery to remove it. While we’re so thankful that she survived the surgery and this was the only lasting complication, it has been hard on her. I pray that the people who have lost their taste and smell from Covid...
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    MVMCP merchandise question

    This is an odd question and a long shot, but figured I might as well ask. We purchased a MVMCP ornament at the party last Thursday. Unfortunately, our tree fell over on Sunday and shattered the ornament and many others. I called a Disney merchandise line and the cast member is going to see if...
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    Transportation to WWOS tomorrow

    Our college basketball team (Iowa State) advanced to the final game of the basketball tournament so we're scrapping our original plans and heading to the game tomorrow. What's the easiest way to get there? We're staying at BLT and will be in the MK for a few hours tomorrow morning. I'm assuming...
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    Last Minute changes to HS - 11/26

    Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you all have a wonderful day. I was able to snag a last minute ADR for breakfast at H&V. Unfortunately, I was only able to get and ADR for 2 at 8:05 and an ADR for 4 at 8:15 so 2 people will be left out. Would this new plan work. Either group of 6 or group of 4 go...
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    California Grill - corkage fee

    Does anyone know if the California Grill allows you to bring in your own bottle of wine and pay a corkage fee? Thanks!
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    Late start AK - 11/29

    Sorry for all the posts in one day. I've procrastinated long enough and am running out of time to finish plans! Heading to AK on Tuesday, 11/28 and planning on a late arrival. 1. Ride KS with FP+ 10:45-11:30 (window 10:45-11:45) 2. See FOTLK 12:00 show 3. Lunch at Flame tree 12:45-1:30 (not...
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    Struggling with EP plans - 11/28

    I'm struggling a bit with EP plans. Right now, we're only planning one day at EP. Our ADR doesn't allow for an afternoon break so it's going to be a long day. It also doesn't feel like we're doing much, but I don't think I can pack in any more attractions. My my crew includes myself, husband...
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    MK 2 day plan

    Day 1: 11/27 open 9-7:00, RD My 8 man crew includes my husband, parents, kids ages 12, 10, 7, and 3. 1. Ride Space w/ rider swap (9-9:30) 2. Ride Buzz (9:35-9:45) 3. Ride Tomorrowland Speedway (9:50-10:10) 4. Ride Winnie the Pooh with FP+ (10:15-10:30) window 9:30-10:30 5. Ride Barnstormer...
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    Kids meals - dining plan

    We're trying to decide whether or not to add the dining plan for our trip next month. I know it won't save us money. However, my husband and my mom really like it for the convenience. They would both prefer to have a vacation payed for before we leave. So now I'm trying to do a best guess...
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    Struggling with HS - 11/26

    This is the park that I'm struggling the most with. Trying to follow Josh's plans to a T on the other days. Thoughts on the following?? Saturday, November 26th (first full day of our vacation) Head to Jedi Training sign up (signing 3 kids up) Ride RNRC 9:00 – 9:30am Visit Toy Story...
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    Party of 8: Black Friday - Dec. 3rd Itinerary help

    After a long hiatus and another addition to the family, we're finally headed back to the world. I've always wanted to go for the Christmas season without actually going over Christmas. So we finally pulled the trigger and are headed there immediately following Thanksgiving. The beginning of...
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    We're headed to WDW from Friday, November 25th - Saturday, December 3rd. Do you think there will be an appreciable difference between party crowds on Thursday, 12/1 vs. Friday, 12/2. I originally thought we would go on Tuesday, but my husband wants to do it at the end of the trip as a last...
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    Renting DVC points

    My family and I are looking at going to Disney either the first or second week of December and are considering renting DVC points for a few reasons. 1. Party of 6 (kids ages 12, 10, 7 and 3 at time of trip) with potential of 2 grandparents joining us 2. My husband is interested in buying into...
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    Dance The World

    Does anyone have any experience with "Dance the World"? My daughter's dance studio wants me to help plan a WDW trip for our competition team. They don't want to attend a competition but would rather give the dancers the opportunity to potentially perform in a parade, on a stage, and/or take...
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    HS day with 2 little ones - This Thursday, 12/6

    I'm continuing to live vicariously through my friend by helping her with her Hollywood Studio day. Her clan includes herself, DH, DS(3) and DS(9mos). Here's what I planned for HS. Any suggestions? Hollywood Studios, 12/6, Crowd level:4, Recommended, Open 9am –8pm, Fantasmic 6:30 pm, Pixar...