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    *FREE* Disney Decal!

    So fun, thanks for sharing this! Although I feel a bit undressed without shoes ;)
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    Priceline and mandatory resort fees

    I've always been a big fan of Priceline Name Your Own Price. It usually works great for the two of us, although I can understand it wouldn't be as great for a family since there's no way to know if you'll get one bed or two. That said, our last stay in Seattle using Priceline will probably be...
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    It's Time Josh Took The Plunge

    In the comments section of that page there's a link to a story about the park Re-opening this year under the old Action Park name. The comments section there starts with this gem:
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    Return guests might be in for a surprise when calling for a new reservation

    Has anyone else seen the info on the new way Disney is dealing with return guests and their resort reservations? I would love it if they're able to already know our wishes and hopefully have them granted with a bit more frequency...
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    $99 lens plus $350 camera = luv.

    You were right, you were right, you were right. There, I said it. This thing kicks so much bootie compared to my P&S, it's not even funny. Light was crud this afternoon, but I had a few minutes so I went out to see what the 50mm would do, not expecting much. It was windy, so lots of dust in...
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    Okay, I'm forced to buy a DSLR and macro lens, help me stay in budget.

    I'm at a point in my "job" (graphic arts, web design, etc. etc.) where I find there's no way to avoid buying a DSLR and at least one okay macro lens. I have a client who makes jewelry. I can't get anything out of my p&s cameras that even comes close to doing justice to her very detailed work...
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    Babycakes in DTD closing March 19

    Happened to notice this today, I'm surprised I haven't seen any other mention of this: I guess that their products will still be available at some of the resort's food courts. Still, a...
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    2 Weeks, Unlimited funds, no worries. What is your Dream Vacation?

    Looking at a few of the new rides that are going to come online next summer at various amusement parks around the country, I was thinking "gosh, I would so love to do a whirlwind park tour and hit all the major roller coasters." Of course my next thought is that Mike would hate it! So I got to...
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    Lost kids and Magic Bands - the practically perfect parent finder?

    So I'm updating my Disney on the Cheap guide, which has a small section on lost kids and ID tags and I was thinking, "but wait, kids staying on-site will have Magic Bands, can't these be used by CM's to contact parents?" So, that's the question, what do you think of the possibility here? Do you...
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    Profile photo ?

    My best guess would be that you have it set as your profile picture rather than your avatar. Go to Settings (upper right corner), on that page, look at the options on the left side, select "Edit Avatar" and upload your pic there. Also make sure it's not too large - "maximum size of your custom...
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    It’s not a circus without a few clowns, right? Pam's Southern Adventure 2014

    Day 4, Tuesday January 21 Taking the dam road to Las Vegas, with a stop in a dam town for a little antiquing along the way. Mike loves looking for motorcycle stuff at antique stores, he could do it for days on end. I like wandering around antique stores for about 2 hours, then I’m done...
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    It’s not a circus without a few clowns, right? Pam's Southern Adventure 2014

    Jump to: Day 1: On the road from Terrebonne to Laughlin Day 2: Pig-in-a-poke and how the other half lives Day 3: Two clowns visit ghost towns. And donkeys. Lots and lots of donkeys. Day 4: Taking the dam road to Las Vegas, with a stop in a dam town for a little antiquing along the way. Day 5...
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    10k. Well, this is awkward.

    My post count is now living proof that I have no life besides what I do here. If it weren't for the occasional foray into web design, graphic arts, motorcycle riding, and cat care, you all might think I was obsessed and have too much free time on my hands. Okay, I'm kidding myself. Of course...
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    Free Camera Backpack - just pay shipping

    I know this is relatively unorthodox, but I need to make this thing go away and I can't sell it, so if you really need it and will use it, it's yours. This is an Amazon Basics camera backpack...