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    Emails the forum sends out

    I am (and have always been) receiving e-mail notifications of new posts to threads I'm watching. Although, since @josh started tinkering with settings, the way the notification e-mail appears has changed. The username for the e-mail used to be "easyWDW Member Forums" but now it is just the...
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    WDW Touring 101

    Man, IMO you nailed it. When I'm talking to people, my 3 primary pieces of advice are: (1) rope drop; (2) have a plan; and (3) don't be a slave to the plan. The only edit I might make is related to jargon/places, although you may have already explained what these things are (like "E-tickets")...
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    Space 220 opening date set (for real) - now September 20th

    I tried to get reservations when they opened for our visit in early October, and there was nothing available for any time, all day. I've looked a couple of other times throughout the day, with no luck. If they're not doing walk-up traffic, or if I can't snag a reservation, we'll just try again...
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    As a Texan, let me make it clear: when we say "Don't Mess With Texas," this is NOT what we mean. These people deserve every punishment they get, and then some.
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    I'm just saying...

    Insert <I understood that reference> gif. :LOL: The reasoning behind the origins of this (actual, not urban) legend is interesting - and logical/legitimate enough that we studied it in contracts class in law school.
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    I'm just saying...

    That this hasn't happened (and won't) is the saddest thing I've heard all week. Way to ruin my Friday Eve, @josh.
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    Room-Only Discount for AP/FL/Visa for Dec. 12-24

    Disney released a room-only discount for APs, FL residents, and Disney Visa cardholders for the small window of 12/12-12/24. Discounts range from 10-25%.
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    Seen any good movies? Or bad ones?

    Val on Prime was an interesting--and ultimately very sad--glimpse into the life of Val Kilmer, as told by Val himself. It uses quite a bit of "home movie" footage he shot himself over the years and includes some great behind-the-scenes footage from Val's career. His son provides the narration...
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    Be a shame if that went “missing” and you were suddenly able to retire. :ROFLMAO:
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    What are you planning this fall?

    My condolences @ThemeParkCommando. I hope that your visit will be a cherished tribute to your son, filled with good memories that bring your peace and comfort.
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    What are you planning this fall?

    I get it; everyone has to make their own risk calculation. For us, the precautions we've taken to minimize our risk profile at home--a place with similar spread and similar lack of mandatory mitigation policies--have thus far protected us from contracting the disease. Our logic is that we will...
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    What are you planning this fall?

    This is part of our decision matrix, too. We're coming from Texas so, you know, same difference.
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    What are you planning this fall?

    We're headed to WDW over Columbus Day weekend and then back again the week of Christmas to New Years. Would we be doing that if our daughter weren't in DCP? Absolutely not. But our son is 14 and vaccinated, as are we, and we don't have any problem wearing masks as needed (we did in July, even...