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    Park Hours for Spring Break

    I'm wondering what we can expect for our Spring Break (mid-March) trip. I keep seeing hours changing and MK opening at 8 AM! In all of our trips I do not recall MK actually opening at 8 am. It's always been 9. But, I just read that Nov. 17th MK is opening at 8 am which seems like a random...
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    Disney Quest?

    Are crowds at Disney Quest like crowds everywhere else? On our last trip (Aug 2012) we went in the evening and it was super crowded. We waited a really long time for the Pirates of the Carribean game (or whatever you might call it). We aspire to find a morning where we go right when it opens...
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    Does Harambe Nights affect late afternoon/evening touring at AK?

    It seems as though easy evening touring after the crowds have left may not be as easy with Harambe Nights if it starts at 7. Just wondering if it has any effect on touring or not.
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    Ticket Upgrades at AK?

    I need to upgrade tix as soon as we go to our first park, which will be AK in the afternoon. Where do I do so at AK? I know that I need to wait until I actually use the tickets for the first time so it has to be inside the park, right? Thanks!!
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    To hop or not after AM EMH MK?

    We have never attended any EMH (AM or PM) at any park. We have always avoided EMH due to higher crowd levels. However, we are considering AM EMH at MK and maybe AK for our August trip. My big question is should be stay for a few hours and then hop or not? I guess we could play it by ear but...
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    Which fpp is correct?

    I have 4 fpp booked for one day. I have read that the 4th is a phantom and will go away. The problem is that I cannot remember which ones were my actual final choice!! I have 2 for TSMM which is obviously not correct. Is there any way to determine what is right and what is a phantom?
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    MK Opening Show

    I read somewhere (maybe here) that the opening show for MK is now at 8:40. Is the park opening as soon as it's done or waiting til 9? We have an early AM ADR at CP one morning. In the past we have had no problem eating and getting out of there before 9 to get in front of the rd crowds...
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    FPP strategy when upgrading tix after arrival

    After much reading I purchased UCT 4 day tix and plan to upgrade to 6 or 7 day tix once we are in the parks. It did not occur to me when we did this that we would not be able to book fpp for the last 2 or 3 days of our trip! I would not have done this whole upgrading thing if I had realized...
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    Ticket/FPP Question

    I think I've made a mistake. I bought tickets via Undercover Tourist. I read somewhere that it is most cost effective to buy a lower number of days then upgrade when we arrive. So, I spent a ton of time figuring out the cheapest combination and bought 4 day tix with plans to upgrade to 6 when...