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    Change to Park Hours - change to plans?

    Does anyone know of anyone who has gone in at 7am and not gotten a boarding group? I've heard of people showing up later who didn't know about it etc but everyone I know who has tried to get a boarding group at 7am has gotten one.
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    Change to Park Hours - change to plans?

    Hello! Disney has announced changes to hours at HS through 2/2. We are visiting through 2/15 and of course we have our dining and FP already in place. We are going to try to get a boarding pass for ROTR so we will be there at 7am and I know that process (thanks Josh!) but should I just leave...
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    In the queue to rent thru David's - should I sign up at Rental Store too?

    I went through this scenario for our trip that is now 9 days away! Yay! We were trying to book BLT 11 months out and I saw the dates and desired room type was available but couldn't find an owner with points to rent. I went through David's as I had used them before and was on their waiting...
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    Hollywood Studios hours change to 7am opening thru feb 2.

    I'm so frustrated with Disney right now. They only changed through 2/2 like you said but we are there 2/1 through 2/15 - and I'd rather change everything at once ya know? It's so unfair that they make you reserve dining 180 days out and FP 60 days out and then change everything in the days...
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    Millennium Falcon added to FP!!

    It takes affect 2/19 and only SDD and SR will be Tier 1 at that time. Of course my last day is 2/15 thanks Disney! :op
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    New AP holder

    how about a dedicated entrance for AP holders? is that a thing?
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    New AP holder

    oh i didn't know that! thank you!
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    New AP holder

    Ok thanks I will go the day before
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    New AP holder

    Hey Folks! I have my first ever AP in my sweaty little palms and our first park day is HS. I guess I just like doing things the hard way. To avoid any additional, needless stress what do I need to know/do to to get my pass going. I have the little green card to exchange for an actual pass -...
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    Magica Express

    ok thanks - we got one set of tags in my name today. hoping another set in my BF's name will still arrive. Otherwise we'll do the baggage claim tags for those. We may end up with three checked and two carry ons. We're not usually such big packers but we are going 15 days this time and the...
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    Southwest 75,000 point bonus - leverage towards companion pass

    Here's the offer - business cards do not apply EDITED TO ADD: Scroll to the bottom of the page for a 70,000 miles Business Card Offer
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    Can 11 yr old kids order from kids menu when paying

    Wow really? I've ordered a child's QS before but never a TS. That's really good to know because there are a few places BF wants to go where I'm like OMG I'm eating a $58 steak again!
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    Park Hours Changes

    Thanks just checked and other than an EMH AM moved to a PM at HS I don't have any other changes as of yet. We arrive Feb 1 and are staying through the 15th so I've got a few more weeks for them to mess with my plans.
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    Super Bowl MVP Parade

    I was so excited to be there for that this year and then the Pats lost. I'm not a football fan but I would have jumped on that bandwagon
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    Park Hours Changes

    Disney? Unpredictable? Nooooooooooooooooo. They let us make dining reservations 180 days in advance and FP 60 days in advance and then change everything about everyday of our vacation with three days notice. That's predictable lol