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    Any thoughts on 3 parks in 1 day (FP+ window opens tomorrow morning)

    Cast: Me, DW, DS8, and DS6; Documented history of commando touring. Situation: Spending 4 days at Universal RPR, then 4 days at AKL. Most WDW time will be relaxed except for 1 touring day with 3 parks in 1 day. Also attending MNSSHP a few days later, so will be spending some time at MK besides...
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    Question about using the boats from Beach Club to HS and HS to EPCOT

    Josh - Getting down to making plans for our mid-October trip. Looking at staying at Beach Club (provided that the expected room only discount is released). What should I expect regarding the boats that go from Beach Club to HS and from HS to the EPCOT International Gate? We will be starting...
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    Josh - A Brave New World

    Josh, going thorough some preliminary thoughts about our next trip in October 2016. The facts: - Kiddos will be 8 and 6. - Had an awesome trip in October 2012 - our first - which was 12 days at POR. - Had a great trip in October 2014, which was 13 days at WL. This next trip will be different...
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    F&W App

    Been playing with this app, and it looks like it might work. Eh, it's free, so I am going to give it a spin in 2 weeks. Dave Kennedy created it, so it might come in handy.
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    Effect of expanding hours on ADRs

    I know this isn't unusual and many have had to deal with the same thing... We have an ADR for Boma at 6:20 on 10/5. Got it 180 days out. AK is our (recommended) park of choice for the day, and was set to be open from 9-5. Then, in July or so, Disney expands the park hours to 9-6. OK, so that...
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    Disney changes to HS Animation

    Kenny the Pirate is reporting that Minnie's last day at Animation is 9/27 and that Wreck-It-Ralph and Vanellope are done there on 10/3. Minnie will join the rotation at the Hat, but Ralph and Vanellope will no longer meet. So that only leaves Sorcerer Mickey and Mr. Incredible/Frozone in...
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    Maelstrom FP+ available after 9/27 now

    Saw a rumor on the DIS about folks finding Maelstrom available into October. I can confirm this is true. Just booked 2 Maelstrom FP+ for my EPCOT days. It appears that Maelstrom will in fact exist after September 27th, after all.
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    Rumors might impact MNSSHP ticket sales

    At least 2 blogs (which were cited on the DIS) are claiming that A&E will be meeting throughout each MNSSHP (so, from 7-12). With no FP+ and only SB, the speculation is that folks who were unable to secure FP+ for A&E may be more motivated to purchase MNSSHP tickets in the hopes of less...
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    October 31 MNSSHP has sold out

    All tickets for the Halloween night edition of MNSSHP sold out today, August 21. Not positive, but I think that's a couple of weeks earlier than the Halloween night party sold out last year.
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    Josh - Need to tap your Beer-garten knowledge

    (Oh, awful pun usage...) So, I just turned 38 a couple of days ago, and my beer drinking has all but evaporated into Sonic half-price shakes and Monkey Ices for my boys. However, I can just see me wanting to relive my olden days in Munich during our upcoming trip with our ADR at Biergarten. I...
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    Dancing on Main Street before Boo to You Parade on MNSSHP?

    On the last MNSSHP that we attended in 2012, there was a group called the "Creeper Crew" that danced with kids (or whomever) on Main Street preceding the Boo to You Parade? Has anyone heard if anything like this will be happening this year? I only ask because my boys (4 and 2 at the time, 6...
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    Monorail modernization - update?

    Anyone heard if this refurb is still on schedule or how it is going?
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    FP+ window opens tonight

    So why am I working today? Because I am only thinking about after midnight... I have 10 days worth of FP+ to reserve plus our final day MNSSHP from 4-7. Hoping to prioritize a few of them throughout the day. Any advice from those who have had FP+ success lately?
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    Le Cellier v. Yachtsman

    Currently have an ADR at Le Cellier for one of our EPCOT days for dinner. On our last trip, our (then) DS2 was ill from a warm day at AK the day prior, so DW and him missed out on Le Cellier. She was sad that she had missed out, and she requested Le Cellier for this trip even with it now being...
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    Josh - Time to travel from AK to AKL for Boma ADR?

    Basics - have a 6:20 ADR at Boma on our AK day. That was with the 5:00 close. Now close at AK has been extended to 6:00. With using our own vehicle for transportation and a good parking space due to the AAA Diamond parking pass, when would you recommend leaving AK to be at AKL for dinner?