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    June 2018 - Some Notes, Probably More...

    I'm waffling about doing a trip report. I didn't make any notes this year about what all we did so I don't know how thorough a report would be. But I do have some notes in mind about some of the stuff we did that might be helpful. And they might develop into more as I go through it and maybe...
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    Need Computer Help - MacBook Pro

    We have a 17" MacBook Pro that's been a great computer. A few months ago, it quit booting - stops at a grey screen then goes into a rebooting cycle. I googled and went through all the tricks I could find to get it working long enough for me to copy our most important files over to an external...
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    HEB Disney GC Promotion

    I know this is for a limited area, but there is a coupon available at HEB for Disney GCs. Buy $50 in Disney GC, get free $10 HEB GC. Not valid for online purchases.
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    Why can't I (Disney) math?

    I'm looking at the latest promotions and comparing to the Spring promos. Our dates span 6/8-6/15 which straddles both promotions. I have been told that promos will be applied to all nights of your stay but, by my math when we booked on the Spring Promo, that is not what I saw. I left it alone...
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    Disney Movies Anywhere

    Just an FYI in case you have/use this service and weren't aware (surely then sent out emails), the Disney Movies Anywhere service is being migrated to Movies Anywhere. You must "move" all of your movies to the new service by Feb 28th or "lose" them.
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    Uh, I don't think so!

    I heard on a local radio station this morning that a guy went and spent his family's Disney vacation budget ($3300) on Super Bowl tickets. That would NOT go over well at our house.
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    If you think of a clever title, let me know...Trip Report June 2016

    I've been working on this trip report for a week. I thought I'd be able to add pictures but who know when I'll get around to that and I was afraid I'd forget things. So here it is. And a word of warning: I feel like this is really wordy so I apologize in advance. We had a great time and...
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    Minnie's Seasonal Dine vs ??? - Decisions

    We currently have a non-Fantasmic ADR for H&V on the evening we are in Hollywood Studios. I'm wondering if it's worth it though since we are going to try to meet Mickey and Minnie in their new locations. Is there that much more to offer? My other motivation is that we are on the dining plan...
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    HS Itinerary

    This is a "late arrival" day. I say that tentatively because we aren't arriving all that late. Cast is me, husband, and two daughters (5, 8). We seem to have a LOT of free time in this plan. Did I forget something? I'm not complaining about being able to be leisurely, I just wish we could...
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    June Hours at MK

    I noticed last year, that MK opening was pushed to 8am four days of week (if you include the EMH morning day). I am thinking something similar may happen this year (though they didn't appear to in 2014). But what is the likelihood that they will push RD to 8am the morning after evening EMH? I...
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    MK 2-Day Itineraries

    2 days at MK below, early June. Cast is me, my husband, and two daughters (5, 8). Our MK days are the last two days of our trip and the only days we'll be doing rope drop. Day 1 is the oldest's 9th birthday. And Day 2 is when we'll be "celebrating" the youngest's birthday. I know we'll have...
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    Finding Overlapping FP+ for Groups

    Anyone have any experience booking or getting the new system to find overlapping FP+ for groups. I believe it used to be built into the "Copy FP+ to other guests" function. I see now that there is an option to "Change Party" but if you pick more people than FP+ are available, it just gives a...
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    Late Afternoon/Evening Safaris

    Any comments on how late to do/not do Safaris? AK is open until 8pm, but are the animals still out and active that late? Out trip is in June so it will still be light. We did Safaris at RD and early afternoon last time and I wanted to try something different thinking the animals may be more...
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    Tips on Getting ADRs

    Wondering what your tips are on getting ADRs. Aside from 180 days, of course. That's already passed. Do I just watch the dining website for each restaurant I'm trying to get or is it better to call - is the inventory the same? If I'm trying for a group of 4, should I also look for two...
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    Open Beverage Stations

    Are there open beverage stations in each of the parks where we could fill our water bottles without having to stand in a QS line? Or would that be frowned upon? I know I've seen it here before but I just can't seem to find the magical boolean recipe to pull the post up again.
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    Looking for Historical Wait Times from June 2015

    Josh, any chance you have a wait times chart for Magic Kingdom on a Thursday in June of 2015? My husband wants us to finish our trip in MK this year and that would be a Friday in June. I'd like to use similar days from last year to try to plan the day. Also, when you develop the wait times...
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    To Travel Agent or Not to Travel Agent

    Are there disadvantages to booking our trip through a travel agent? I used one last year and was less than impressed. I'm a planner so I didn't expect that she should have to do a lot of planning but some sort of feedback would have been helpful. A simple, "This is your first visit in 16...