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    I'd wonder about whether it is possible to break down the connective tissue and still not be (far) beyond medium...but I'm intrigued.
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    Yeah, I think this is the corrected version (at least, it corrected one such problem. It may have done more.)
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    I found this thread helpful in understanding the apparent paradox between reinfection in ~months vs. vaccines that appear to be successful: PS: Prof. Heemstra is one of my favorite science communicators. Definitely worth a follow.
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    Galactic Starcruiser/Halcyon Hotel

    The best analogy I've heard is to think of it like a 3-day/2-night "cruise". It's pricey---$3ishK for a single, 7.5K for a family of five. That same family of five could do a 4-day/3-night cruise for less on DCL in a Concierge-level cabin. If you have a bunch of Star Wars fans, I could see it...
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    Disney: "When we assume a contract, we don't have to honor the parts we don't like."

    Just a reminder that TWDC isn't all happiness and pixie dust.
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    It's worse than that. There are often compelling economic arguments for some progressive issues, but because they might help "those people" many are unwilling to pay for them even when it is clear that the programs more than pay for themselves. We don't just lack empathy, we are actively punitive.
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    The case in that study above had a reinfection in 48 days. Is that an outlier? Maybe.
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    We also don't know whether or how long having a past infection conveys protection from future infections---either in presence or severity. There are documented cases of reinfection, some of which were more severe the second time around...
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    We just decided to pull the plug on our Hawaii holidays trip. Our next trip anywhere is Up North in May, and then we'll try Hawaii again in August.
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    My PCP told me that hospitals in our area were told to increase their cold storage capacity a bit they are planning at least in the US, as George suggests.
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    I'm always reminded of this video around this time of year.
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    Everyone knows that Pixie Dust is an anti-viral/sanitizer.
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    Favorite Candy?

    I'm so sorry that we as a country inflicted the scourge of Hershey's "chocolate" upon your household.
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    Rise of resistence 7am boarding

    If you have a park pass and valid ticket for that day, I don't think it matters where you are.
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    Covid Testing on WDW Property

    CVS offers voluntary covid testing for travel, and there is a location near WDW. Note that your insurance may or may not cover this.
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    Annual Pass cancellation deadline 8/11 (Tues)

    I'm a 1password fan. Also cross-platform, plus it has shared vaults so that when I change the Netflix password the kids don't text me within ten minutes asking what happened. Not free, but as I recall nominal.
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    DVC Membership changes

    Maybe. I suspect that a lot of points will be forfeit because people can't/won't travel in their deposited-to use year. I predict occupancy will be lower than usual for a good year or two, and the recovery will not be discontinuous---allowing a gradual ramp-up of use which will help.
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    CM layoffs

    I'm normally on the "those cheap b*stards" train, but let's see what happens when they no longer have half of their hotels shuttered because there isn't enough demand. Edited to add: apparently, the CMs who lost jobs will have priority for a recall through 2021...
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    Is outdoor exercise allowed where you are? If so, get outside for a walk every day if you can manage it. That may mean getting some extra cold-weather gear. For example, I got myself an extra pair or two of insulated base layers, some snow/windproof ski pants, and some ice grips for my boots...