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    Disney: "When we assume a contract, we don't have to honor the parts we don't like."

    Just a reminder that TWDC isn't all happiness and pixie dust.
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    If I offered you odds on Disney recording a profit in 3Q20 (April-June)....

    ...would you take it? I wouldn't, in fact I would have taken very long odds against any profit. I would have been wrong. Very wrong. $0.08 adjusted earnings per share vs. an analyst expected loss of $0.64. I...
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    Runaway Railway

    My (college-senior) daughter and I decided to wait in a longer-than-sane line last night to ride Runaway Railway so that we could get an "opening day" credit on it. This is nearing the end of our trip, and we'd already done most everything else on our agenda, so we figured why not? We really...
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    An important vacation

    Last night I was invited to resign my leadership role. I took them up on the invitation. My flight to MCO just landed.
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    New WDW President

    An interesting (abbreviated) profile of Josh D'Amaro, the new President of Walt Disney World. I like the emphasis on improving backstage infrastructure for the Cast. (Freemium model: if you are paywalled, open the link in a private browser.)...
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    Shanghai Disneyland closed over Lunar New Year due to 2019-nCoV

    This sounds like one of those 'abundance of caution' things but I confess that I don't get particularly worked up about these things, and didn't during SARS either which was arguably a lot more serious. But, closing SDL/HKDL over Lunar New Year is like WDW/DLR closing between Christmas Day and...
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    Looking for a splurge

    I'm looking to splurge on something on our next trip; it is just my daughter and I. She agreed to an early morning flight vs. coming down the night before to save $$$ and I told her that we'd use some of that for an "extra" or two. Unfortunately, the #1 thing I've wanted to do is the Steam...
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    Hate Orlando Water? Buy a LifeStraw

    I have a Brita pitcher with spare filters in my Owner's Locker because I really don't like the taste of "standard" Orlando water. I'm prepping for a trip to Colorado, and plan to do some day hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park. I have a 3L hydration pack, but on a test hike of a similar...
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    If you thought higher prices were deterring people...'re wrong.
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    Press preview of Star Wars land.

    YOU GUYS. THIS IS...WOW. (warning: some mild spoilers.)
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    More than one way to skin a Mouse

    From the most recent earnings news a day or two ago: If you read that carefully, you will notice that per-capita spending went up higher in proportion than did total revenue. That means either costs increased faster than guest spending (unlikely, given the rate of increase in the latter) *or*...
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    Existential Crisis: It's in the Past

    A year ago, I was at a crossroads. It was pretty bleak. Today I turn 50. I started my morning from the balcony of room 5533 at Boulder Ridge Villas. This was my view as I was sipping my morning coffee. I'll have more to say later. Here's the TL;DR version: my birthday is not the most...
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    Buckle up, it might get bumpy.

    Demand for Disney vacations has been on an endless upward spiral. The parks are packed even in the face of significant ticket price increases, the hotels are booked solid, in-park prices have skyrocketed (and people have paid them), and the DVC rental market is super-heated. However, after the...
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    The other side of the Cost of Doing Disney

    Many of you have heard me recommend the book "Married to the Mouse" before. It explores how WDW was created, and the economic and social impact it has had on surrounding counties in Central Florida. It's a great read, but it's not something you should read if you really don't want to look beyond...
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    TEA/AECOM Attendance Report for 2017

    "Representing a third of North American attendance, Orlando should continue to develop..." One out of every three domestic amusement park visits happens in Central Florida. Wow. Notably, Animal Kingdom passes Epcot for the #2 park at WDW. So far, I've been to 7 of the top 10 global amusement...
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    The Rock is filming Jungle Cruise on Kauai

    ...and we're going to be there in mid-June. Can you smell what The Rock is cookin!
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    'Disney is pricing itself out of business.' ... Nope
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    Existential angst as a WDW fan?

    I'm torn on this one. I've been spending a lot of time re-examining all kinds of decisions that I ordinarily make without thinking, and vacation destination is one of those decisions. Reading the past few front-page updates, the Resort sounds miserable. Lines become longer than I'm generally...
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    Handful of WDW restaurants on Open Table

    Seven restaurants at various resorts are now on OpenTable, joining several in Disney Springs. My guess is that these generally do not fill in advance, as OpenTable people tend to...
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    Finally got Global Entry...fairly painless

    I was one of the members of Delta's very first pre-check pilot program. They opened it in ATL, DTW, and maybe one other, with an opt-in offer to Gold elites and above. So, I've had pre-check for the better part of six years now. However, about this time last year, I noticed that suddenly I...