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    Quick report on a day at Hollywood Studios

    I drove my 16 year old daughter & 14 year old son down for just one day at Hollywood Studios focused on Star Wars. Initially we were going to do stay further away and stay longer in the Orlando area to kayak. Instead we ended up at the Disney Swan for two nights & coming back home earlier. This...
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    How much did you enjoy Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway?

    Taking my two teens tomorrow primarily for Star Wars, and I'm trying to decide whether we should get there front-of-rope-drop early for the Railway. Watching the POV videos for the ride it doesn't look like much. But I know other rides I've loved didn't translate well to POV. Thoughts from those...
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    Hollywood Studios Indigenous Peoples Day

    We're 45 minutes north of Orlando for our fall break, and the kids (16 & 14) and I are planning one park day at DHS. We could make our park day Saturday, Sunday or Monday. Disney has tickets priced a tad higher on Saturday. Often for fall break the crowd builds because of schools out the full...
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    Should I buy single day tickets? What rules am I missing?

    We're driving distance and schools won't be in session in person until late October for us. So, I'm thinking of going down for a short trip early fall when we can self-quarantine after. Initially I thought we'd just do one day at Hollywood Studios, but I'm considering another day or maybe two...
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    Post-shutdown Disney trip planning

    In an attempt to make our Spring Break next week less miserable for the kids, I'm beginning to plan a post-shutdown trip. (Realizing we don't know what's happening in June so life could change again, but I want them to be able to count down to something fun & normal.) So far my random...
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    Confirmation today of the first transmission to occur inside of the U.S. of a person with no known contact with a patient. Transmission happened near Travis AFB. An HHS whistleblower reported HHS employees unloaded repatriated coronavirus patients without protective equipment or adequate...
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    Best source for live / historic wait times?

    I'm wanted to keep an eye on the Smugglers Run line once FP opens. Does anyone have a favorite place to check live or historic wait times?
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    Epcot evening EMH

    Do I understand this correctly for evening EMH at Epcot? All of FW stays open to 9 pm for all guests during evening EMH. You don't have to be EMH eligible to shop & eat during evening EMH. Agent P is no longer operating during EMH.
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    MK /EP days of the week

    In anticipation of booking FP, I’ve been watching FP availability on thedibb. For the month of February, MK fastpasses are more booked for Mon & Fri. In March the most 7D are available Tue/Thu. Epcot doesn’t have as many fastpasses so not as many charts to compare, but for the last two weeks...
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    Week before Easter

    Cast = me, DH, DD (15), DS (13), my sister (63), my mom (80) & my dad (87). This is the week leading up to Easter so expecting heavy crowds. 6 day tickets with park hoppers included. Off property, renting a house, but with a campsite rental for a couple of nights. Friday to Friday trip...
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    Park hours

    Before our 30 day FP window opens I'm trying to rework plans to make sure I've got big enough gaps between leaving at night / coming back in the morning. So, trying to think about likely park hour changes for our trip the week before Easter (4/04-4/10). We're offsite and not fans of walking in...
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    Hollywood Studios in April... is this on the right track?

    I think I've caught most of the updates in Josh's blog posts but we're stuck going around Easter and a lot has changed, so would appreciate some feedback. We are staying offsite, so I'm keeping us away from morning EMH, but otherwise I think it doesn't matter what days we go where. I believe HS...
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    Massive Outage

    For anyone planning to book FP+ soon, thought it would be helpful to know since early yesterday there's been a loss of ability to make FP+ reservations on the website or app for most guests. The only slightly good news is it's so widespread it's slowed down FP booking (to the point that Flights...
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    Limited Happily Ever Afters - which one? arrive how early?

    We're visiting in October. Because of the parties, Happily Ever After is only Sat, Sun or Wed. I think Sunday is best unless it rains on Saturday, in which case I think we might try to switch to Wednesday. Any thoughts? Also we're hoping to sit the old FP+ area on the side that's not being used...
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    fireworks heavy trip Columbus Day (October)

    Trying to map out an itinerary for October around the kids' fall break. We're planning this as Mom's last Disney trip. We go less frequently now, and Mom is now 78 and worried about the strain of walking (but flips any time I suggest a scooter - we've already had that discussion 20+ times so...
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    What's happening 5.05 at Universal?

    Planning a weekend trip to Universal early May before our passes expire. Hotel prices are just as low as I'd expect except for Saturday May 5 when they are super high. No AP rates. In several of the hotels only the specialty suites available. I've looked through events calendar at Universal as...
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    FP+ priorities with 5 day parkhopper tickets

    We are going in mid-October (Columbus Day week) for the first time in 2.5 years. It's me, my 78 year old mother who will need to move very slowly, my husband, our 14 y.o. daughter & 12 y.o. son. Mom is the priority as she's having a balance issue so thinks this will be her last trip. I'm...
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    FoF Parade started early

    Last Sunday, instead of stepping off at 3:00, the FoF parade reached CBJ by 2:50. (While I was in line for Dole Whips. After I'd spent 40 miserable minutes holding a parade spot while everyone else did one more ride.) I've never seen parades or fireworks start early or late before. Maybe we've...
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    MK this Sunday - 2 day touring plan day 1

    CL 6, sort-of recommended park (green, but the last one recommended). May be a tad more crowded due to PM thunderstorms forecast for Saturday. Group of four - my 76 year old mother, me & my 11 & 9 year old. Mom will be walking slowly but there are two rides for which we'll be breaking off &...
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    When will FP+ lose the +?

    Doesn't it seem a bit silly at this point? Plus what? And so awkward to type & say.