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  1. hizouse

    New Epcot Entrance Loop

    I love the new music. I also like the Frontierland background loop (and the similar Aunt Polly's) as another example of a loop with a lot of non-Disney IP tracks, though they may be original Disney recordings.
  2. hizouse

    Parking at Contemporary or Grand Floridian

    What time are they letting cars into the TTC these days? I doubt there would be any advantage in walking if you can't park more than an hour before official opening.
  3. hizouse

    thoughts on park reservations

    Agree with bnoble about switching that Saturday to MK. Are you willing to do Epcot on 3/24 if you don't get RoR boarding pass that morning? We will be there that week also and have multiple DHS reservations, figuring we can shift to Epcot or AK early in the week if we don't get boarding passes...
  4. hizouse

    Changing Park Pass during Spring Break?

    Really wish I could see what's going on behind the scenes. Looks like DHS has since filled up for just one day in March. I saw one AP holder with a resort reservation complaining recently about Disney requiring her to pick park passes from the resort guest pool, which was limited for her...
  5. hizouse

    DVC Resale

    fwiw, based on a blog post at dvcresalemarket and the disboard threads, Disney had not exercised his ROFR for the Poly in some time but did start doing so recently. But not for more than $140/point, so I think you would be fine. I have not been looking at these things until recently, so maybe...
  6. hizouse

    Changing Park Pass during Spring Break?

    They did release some more passes last week; blogmickey said they didn't increase total capacity with the release, so I'm not sure whether they had been holding some back in hopes of making future sales or were just shifting between categories. (I really hope blogmickey is correct!) Last week...
  7. hizouse

    Parking at Contemporary or Grand Floridian

    The great bioreconstruct estimates a 32-minute walk from TTC to MK, if you know where you're going and don't stop. It took Josh 27 minutes to walk from GF at a much more leisurely pace.
  8. hizouse

    Parking at Contemporary or Grand Floridian

    You can make a breakfast reservation at the Wave to park at the Contemporary or at Grand Floridian Cafe to park at GF. You will be able to park there all day, even if officially discouraged, as long as you have a valid reservation.
  9. hizouse

    Which park which days

    If your MK question is "On which day of the week is MK the most crowded?", then Saturday is still the answer. If your MK question is "On Saturdays, which of the 4 parks is the busiest?," then DHS probably has the longest wait times. As far as overall strategy, the advice that makes the most...
  10. hizouse

    Changing Park Pass during Spring Break?

    Update on March calendar, since I checked again today: DHS park pass reservations NOT available (but all other parks available): M-F March 15-19 M-Th March 29-April 1 But all parks available the rest of March, including on the weekends before and after the weekdays listed above, which is...
  11. hizouse

    Vaccinated! Visiting first week of March

    I would not keep the 50s PT because it would require you to use a day on your park tickets, and it's not worth the extra $30/person to add an extra day on your tickets just to eat there. I haven't been to Universal, so can't help you there. If you or your son likes Harry Potter and you won't be...
  12. hizouse

    Restaurant Recommendations - Outdoor Dining

    Some DS suggestions here:
  13. hizouse

    The Magic/Sad Bus Is Going Away (And so is EMH)

    Good point, I would bet that's the main reason, other than just cost savings. Not that demand was reduced due to people ubering from the airport, but that more peopling are ubering offsite once they get there.
  14. hizouse

    The Magic/Sad Bus Is Going Away (And so is EMH)

    But they're already opening 30-40 minutes early for everyone. They will almost certainly keep doing this as long as COVID restrictions are in effect, but of course they don't have to keep doing it indefinitely. The additional immediate cost is just figuring out a way to put the off-site guests...
  15. hizouse

    Changing Park Pass during Spring Break?

    I don't know if there's any place to check historical park pass reservation availability. I think I just checked twice the week after Christmas. MK and HS were both full every day. I think once when I checked no reservations were available for that current day, but either AK or EP was available...
  16. hizouse

    Changing Park Pass during Spring Break?

    We have a trip tentatively planned for the week of March 21, and I have DHS park reservations for the first 2 days, hoping to do exactly what you note. If it looks to be as crowded as the past week, I may switch that--but even then it looked like there was at least 1 park with reservations...
  17. hizouse

    2021 guide? Buy or wait?

    I'd wait! I don't think Josh and Dave have announced if/when their book will be updated for 2021. In past years, it was ready before the start of the year. This year so much is changing that I wouldn't put much stock in any book, at least not at the moment.
  18. hizouse


    I would really, really like to see some detailed comparisons and tests of the two apps. My guess is, despite the relative amount of hate and love they get on this site, they end up functioning about the same, at least as far as their touring plans suggestions. I am anxious to try RideMax but...
  19. hizouse

    WDW vacay April 5-11

    If there looks to be availability at other parks for park reservations, I'd stick with HS for April 5 and change the park reservation to a different park in the morning if you don't get a RotR boarding group. Depending on how important that RotR is for you, I might go ahead and change that Epcot...
  20. hizouse

    RV as a Vacation Investment For Disney and General Vacations

    Depending on the size of your family, It sounds like a minivan combined with hotel stays might be a better alternative if you're not that interested in staying in the RV when you reach your destination. I've seen a couple articles this year about the RV market doing really well because of...