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    you guys i just came across this today - I went back and edited my post- I am SO VERY SORRY :( a co-worker thought it would be funny - i let them know it was not funny to call a community i've been a part of for i'm guessing 12 years now - stupid. :( i feel SO bad that this happened :(
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    I mean, yeah, we're wearing masks, we're washing our hands and we're staying home.......but if you think deaths unrelated to Covid aren't being called Covid deaths you are naïve. ETA: OMG I am SO sorry - I had this open today as I'm eating lunch at my desk again today - which I don't do often...
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    Renting DVC Points

    i have booked with David's rentals three or four times now and I would recommend them in a heartbeat to book with again. They offer insurance for your trip - not sure if Covid is one of the things is covers but you can talk to them about your concerns and they will address them honestly. They...
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    Vaccinated! Visiting first week of March know what happens when you i just wanted to check that you know you have to make park reservations for each day also if your flight arrives at 3:30 and it's on time and no delays getting to the gate I think your best expectation can be to be at your resort around 5:30...
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    Transpo to MK and Ep from Poly with monorail service unavailable

    super thank you! We stay at BC/YC/BWV purposefully because you can walk to EP and HS and BLT/Contemporary because you can walk to MK. This opens up new options! We don't find the walk to HS from any of those resorts to be too much so this is wonderful news. Yay!
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    we were supposed to be going in February 2021 for two weeks but will forego that and HOPE that we can go February 2022. I have also decided for my 50th birthday that I want to do the holidays again in the parks. Not FOR Christmas but late November/early December. So that will be end of 2022...
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    Transpo to MK and Ep from Poly with monorail service unavailable

    Hi Micah! So from the Poly you can walk to GF and then to MK? i've never stayed at either resort so I am unsure. Thank you!
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    CBR Preferred

    if you're only planning on going to EP and HS why wouldn't you use the skyliner?
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    First Big Family Trip

    I've done 8 and 12 on site - at the same resort - some adjoining rooms - some different buildings. I think we would have preferred the house the one piece of advice I will offer is you can't make everyone happy. So just go with the flow and do what's best for your little family. Also -...
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    Multiple Magic Bands

    right I knew that. cool beans then. i'll check it out thank you!
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    Multiple Magic Bands

    So if its picking up a signal the battery is still good? is that what you're implying?
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    Show me your pets!

    My apologies to Bennie ;) Must be a great spot! (for that cactus) I don't think the one we have has been transplanted in a while - that may be the problem there.
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    Seen any good movies? Or bad ones?

    I neither loved nor disliked Soul. But I didn't have very high expectations. It was a nice movie. I probably won't ever watch it again.
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    Show me your pets!

    he is gorgeous! as is your home! I love the trees! ETA: i love that Christmas Cactus - any idea how old it is? We have one that is 65 years old and not that big so I'm guessing it's closing in on 75 or 80 years.
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    MK RD 12/20

    yeah that was weird we told our Uber driver we were going to the Contemporary to walk to the MK and he pulled in some secondary entrance on the far end of the parking lot and let us out right next to the cross walk
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    Merry Christmas!

    I love that this thread is resurrected every year :) We had an appropriately 2020 socially distant, mask adorned, sanitized every hour on a timer, no hugging, each household eating in a different room Christmas. It was wonderful. I got four Disney Welcome mats LOL be careful when you tell...
  17. TiggerGirl Changes Coming in January 2021

    I don't understand their 'upgrade' - i already log in with my My Disney Experience log in. :unsure:
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    49 interesting things you didn't know about every single ride at Disney World

    i'm only like ten in and i'm a little ashamed about how little i know. will be back to shame more later
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    Checking In

    i agree! COVID needs to end!!! thank you for being a teacher! I'm sure it's so hard every day but even more so now. at least your kids are being good
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    Disney Photobooks

    i know this post is 7 years old but i love your book! especially the last photo! great job!