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  1. DopeyRunr Changes Coming in January 2021

    Just received my DVC statement for 2021 and logged into to check my balance and saw the notice screenshotted below. I have never relied on the site as a "wallet" -- I retain the physical gift cards -- but knowing how Disney IT works, you may want to log on now and record your...
  2. DopeyRunr

    5% off Disney Gift Cards at BJ's until Labor Day

    The usual discount at BJs is 4% so the 5% discount now through Labor Day isn't any better than what you'd get at Target with their Red Card, but if you have a rewards card that gives extra bonuses on warehouse purchases, it may interest you. I'll probably get what I need for my DVC dues and...
  3. DopeyRunr

    RCI Points Question

    My mother has two RCI contracts for a total of 26,000 points/year. She is looking for options to get out of the contracts. She's had them for around 10 years. She has 152,000 banked points supposedly. I spent about 45 minutes reading up on RCI to try to figure it out and I'm pretty sure they...
  4. DopeyRunr

    BJs Black Friday - Disney Gift Cards 6% off through 12/2

    Just a heads up on a leaked copy of the BJs Black Friday circular ( they list Disney Gift Cards at 6% off through 12/2. The sale supposedly starts 11/22. 6% isn't a whole lot better than the usual 4% discount at BJs, or the 5% discount at Target with...
  5. DopeyRunr

    PSA: EPCOT Character Spot now Tier 2 FP+

    Saw this on another forum and I wanted to share that the Character Spot at EPCOT is now a Tier 2 FP+.
  6. DopeyRunr

    FYI: July 3-6 Hours Extended

    Still no fireworks schedule but: 7/3: MK 8a-12a + EMH 12a-2a (Parade at noon and 3) 7/3: AK 9a-10p 7/4: MK 8a-1a (Parade at noon and 3) 7/4: AK 9a-10p 7/5: AK 9a-10p 7/6: AK 9a-10p
  7. DopeyRunr

    BJs sale on $500 Disney GC 7% discount through Sunday 5/5

    Southwest $200 for $175 (12.5% discount) Uber $25 for $22 (12% discount) Starbucks $50 for $43 (14% discount) SOLD OUT: Disney $500 for $465 (7% discount) Those are about the only WDW-related deals I see but there are about 20 more in this three-day sale. Link to list of gift cards on sale...
  8. DopeyRunr

    Memorial Day 2019 Weekend AK Hours Extended

    AK will open at 8am 5/24-5/27 (Memorial Day Weekend) with a 7am EMH on both Sat 5/25 and Mon 5/27. I managed to move my evening FOP FP to 8:45am. Looks like all the FOP FP+ are gone but there's Navi River Journey availability each day if you're interested. Not super pumped about getting to the...
  9. DopeyRunr

    Value of 60 Day FP for short trip

    We just snagged some lowish airfare for a four-day Memorial Day Weekend trip which coincides with someone's Sweet 16 Birthday. Looking at hotel options, trying to keep costs low since this is a short trip and our week-long Summer Vacation is the first week in July. I was originally thinking...
  10. DopeyRunr

    Southwest Companion Pass Credit Card Signup Bonus

    If we were planning more travel this year, I'd almost certainly jump on this offer. 30,000 Rapid Rewards points isn't earth shaking, but a companion pass for 2019 is amazing.
  11. DopeyRunr

    Resort/Disney Springs Dining Suggestions

    Starting to think about dining reservations with our ADR-day coming up next month. This ten-day trip will probably be our last trip for at least a year, possibly two. Just wondering your recommendations for resort or Disney Springs dinner to mix things up a little in addition to our usual...
  12. DopeyRunr

    Discounted Disney and Southwest Gift Cards on

    Just noticed some sale pricing on Disney Gift Cards on Looks like these deals are available through 11/25, but sometimes cards go out of stock and become unavailable to order. Frankly I wouldn't relish the thought of loading a gazillion $25 GCs into the web account but here you go...
  13. DopeyRunr

    Strange email from BJs re: Disney Gift Cards

    This is a legit email - the links point to the website, and I have purchased a few thousand dollars of Disney gift cards in the past. The standard pricing on is 4% on the $100 value cards, so he's offering a little better discount than that - not sure what kind of volume I'd need...
  14. DopeyRunr

    Testing mobile image upload

    Test mobile upload
  15. DopeyRunr

    Mini Live AKL DVC Club Level Trip Report July 21-31 2018

    Just thought I'd share some live reports from our Animal Kingdom Lodge DVC Club Level stay July 21-31, 2018. You can follow along on Twitter and/or Instagram @DopeyRunr if you really have nothing better to do. We took a year off Disney so we had enough DVC points rolled over for our first Club...
  16. DopeyRunr

    Extended Hours for Magic Kingdom in Late July

    Just noticed that at some point since this morning they added some 8am regular opens and extended close to 11pm for Magic Kingdom on certain days in Late July. A chance to pick up some 7DMT FP+ if you need it!
  17. DopeyRunr

    Extended Hours Released for AK in late July

    Just noticed that closing time at AK for late July has been pushed back from 9pm to 10pm or 10:30pm for many days. Might be an opportunity to snag a Flight of Passage FP if you're looking for one.
  18. DopeyRunr

    Whenever someone asks about

    Whenever someone asks for an opinion of, just show them this update they posted this morning for July (the first weeks of the Toy Story Land opening): What is the point of the crowd calendar if it, by design, does not show the anticipated crowds?
  19. DopeyRunr

    Uber Discounts $5 off 2 and $2 off 10

    Just saw these two coupons posted on Slickdeals. One is $5 off your next two rides. The other is $2 off your next 10 rides. They're good for 14 days from when you enter the codes, and expire July 6th, so plan accordingly...
  20. DopeyRunr

    Landing at MCO at lunchtime - What do you do?

    Thinking about our arrival day and curious to hear what you would do about lunch given the following: 5am - wake up 6:30am - leave for airport 7:45am - arrive at airport, get breakfast 9am - flight to MCO 12pm - land at MCO 1:30pm - arrival at Animal Kingdom Lodge via Magical Express, check...