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  1. sprout

    Help with Hollywood Touring strategy!

    Here is what I would do with my family: Slinky Dog Millenium Falcon Star Tours Toy Story Mania Alien Swirling Saucers Do lunch, Frozen Sing Along, Muppets in whatever order works out best 2 hrs before park close go to Rockin' Roller Coaster Tower of Terror Runaway Railway This will get 2 rides...
  2. sprout

    Park planning feedback?

    Are your Universal tickets the 3 park tickets that include Volcano Bay? With 2 weeks, a water park may be something to consider. We always talk about trying one, but never feel we have enough time.
  3. sprout

    Tom vs Josh

    So does anybody have a good suggestion for an alternative podcast or youtube show? I liked the discussion on recent Disney headlines. Is there anything else like that out there? Not looking for reviews, but more of this is how something may effect your trip.
  4. sprout


    Your local farmer could always use your uncomfortable N95 masks. Grain dust is no joke. When this all started, it was kind of weird to actually have something on hand that everyone was looking for. Now the toilet paper, that was a whole other story...
  5. sprout

    Tom vs Josh

    Dang! I was in the middle of episode 7 and went to finish it and they are ALL gone! :cry: Now I'll never catch up!
  6. sprout

    Parking Lot opening time?

    How long before park open are the parking lots opening currently (specifically HS & AK)? I had heard ~45mins in Dec., but didn't know if that had changed in the last couple months. Would like to shoot for an hr before open, but wasn't sure if that was possible yet. Thanks!
  7. sprout

    California 2021

    Good points. I've spent a lot of time planning this and we're going to spend a lot of money, I really don't want to compromise! And 50/50 just aren't good enough odds.
  8. sprout

    California 2021

    Yeah, I really don't think I want to fly without everyone vaccinated. That's really probably the limiting factor.
  9. sprout

    California 2021

    Great Smoky Mountains was what I was thinking as a back-up plan. We've done Mammoth Cave, but not the Smoky's and I'm thinking the NC side would be less busy than the TN side. I'll have to check out the other 2 options. Thanks for the suggestions. PS. I just looked up where Cuyahoga Valley...
  10. sprout

    California 2021

    I've been planning a family vacation to California in 2021 for a couple years. Plan was to take about 2 weeks and hit San Fransisco, Yosemite, Sequoia, LA, and Disneyland starting the first full week of June. I was thinking everything would be good by then, but now I'm second guessing. I...
  11. sprout


    I have never been during Easter. I'm helping plan a trip and they want to go over Easter. I know it will be crowded, but that's when they can go. They are going April 2-4 (travelling April 1 & 5), two parks, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom. Is Easter Sunday any better or worse than the...
  12. sprout

    Seen any good movies? Or bad ones?

    It's a documentary, but if you are interested in climate change and it's link with agriculture, Kiss the Ground on Netflix is great. Side note: as a farmer currently in the process of converting from conventional agriculture to regenerative agriculture, the benefits they show are real, but the...
  13. sprout

    What was your last ride in WDW?

    2/10/2020: Frozen Ever After Then the Boardwalk photo booth before catching an Uber to the airport...
  14. sprout

    Reserving FP+ when part of group arrives a few days later

    Also, make sure everyone, including your parents, are listed in your planning party before it's time to make FPs.
  15. sprout

    Boardwalk - Garden Cottage

    Yes, they are. They have a little garden out front. The location is pretty nice because even when the Boardwalk is hopping on a Friday or Saturday evening, it is really quiet and peaceful over there.
  16. sprout

    Boardwalk - Garden Cottage

    My husband and I recently returned from a stay in the Boardwalk Inn's Garden Cottage rooms. These rooms are very cute and spacious, but a little odd in that only 2 people can stay in them. There is a kitchenette, bathroom, and living room downstairs with a desk and large couch that holds a...
  17. sprout

    Fort Wilderness Transportation

    My mom and dad have a premium campsite reserved in Fort Wilderness, which should be near the marina. Getting to Magic Kingdom, they'll just take the boat. I know they'll have to take a bus to the other parks. But are there 2 buses? An internal bus, then one to the park? How long should it...
  18. sprout

    HS - where to start?

    I’m helping plan a short, last minute trip for my 65 yr old parents. They are going to HS w/o FPs because they are using them at a second park later. They don’t want to do RNR or TOT. I don’t want them to have to fight the rope drop crowd to SDD, so they are going to skip it. Do they hang...
  19. sprout

    Tambu Lounge

    I know Tambu recently changed their menu. Can you still get the bread pudding from Ohana? It isn’t on their online menu, but sometimes that doesn’t mean you can’t get it. Anyone have a recent experience? Thanks!
  20. sprout

    Rose and Crown Tea Experience

    If anyone goes to the new Rose and Crown Tea Experience, I'd be interested in hearing about it. Please post a review! Thanks!