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    Lazy rope dropping Soarin' from IG vs main entrance

    We plan to do a lazy rope drop (arrive well after the earliest folks but just a bit before they actually let people into the parks) and go to Soarin' on a moderate crowd day at Epcot. I know that the main entrance is a shorter walk, but I also believe that IG is a more pleasant experience (and...
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    FP+ sign-ups: any advantage of web vs. app?

    My window starts tomorrow and it has been multiple years so from a technical standpoint my experience is totally outdated. Is either the web site or the app significantly more customer friendly / faster? Thanks!
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    How much availability for FEA and TT at 30 days?

    We will be making FP+ reservations at 30 days for a couple of days at Epcot for late August (crowd level 5). How much availability should I expect for FEA (early afternoon) or TT (evening)? Thanks
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    Shifting dates on date based tickets

    For our upcoming trip at the end of August we bought date based tickets for a Sunday through Sunday, but we may actually end up using them for Saturday through Saturday (going to the parks a day early). Will there be a problem when we show up on the Saturday a day before the date range we based...
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    Advice for AK semi-lazy rope drop

    For a medium crowd day (mid-week in late August) with a 9am opening (no EMH) would it be feasible to be at the tapstiles ~8:30 and do Navi River then KS standby and still make the 10am Lion King show? This will be our 7th day so I am optimistically assuming we will get a FoP FP+ 66 days out...
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    60+ window for resort stay that is longer that our tickets

    On our upcoming trip we have a 9 day on-site reservation but only 6 day tickets (we don't plan to go to the parks for the first couple of days and then will take a day off in the middle of the trip). When our 60 day window opens will we be able to get FP+ for any 6 days of the 9 day reservation...
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    Lyft/Uber or rental car: Week at WBC

    My family (of four, so no need for XL) will be staying at Wyndham Bonnet Creek for a week this August (so not onsite but close by) and we are debating a rental car vs lyft/uber. We would likely do one park round-trip on half the days and two round-trips on the other half. We would use a...
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    30 day FP availability (in light of changes for "throwaway" night

    Now that it seems that the stated policy is for throwaway nights to not have a rolling 60 day window (though if anyone can confirm or refute the implementation of this I would much appreciate it) I am rethinking the strategy for our next trip. Aside from FoP and SDD are there any rides that...
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    Most forgiving EP priority for a "lazy rope drop"?

    Let me start off by saying I fully understand the value of getting to rope drop an hour early to stay ahead of the crowds, so I am not trying to debate that. However, my wife's number one pet peeve with Disney vacations is standing in a mass of people an hour before the park opens. So in the...
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    WBC vs. WH

    We've stayed at WBC twice and loved it, but the prices seem to have increased significantly since our last visit. We are defaulting to a 2 BR unit for for me, my wife and our two daughters since we enjoy the space, pools and amenities, but we are now considering a house in Windsor Hills with a...
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    Fantasyland EMM vs. MNSSHP

    My family is planning a trip in late(ish) August and are planning to do one "extra". I was originally going to do EMM to enable multiple re-rides of mine train, but then realized that there would be the second MNSSHP on the Tuesday we are there (side-rant: really, a Halloween party in...
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    Soarin' as 4th FP?

    On an average crowd day (mid to late August) what are the odds of being able to get Soarin' as a 4th FP if we have used our initial 3 by 11:15? Thanks!
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    AK question: FotLK at 9:30 after safari?

    On a "average" crowd day, could you realistically do the 9:30 Lion King show after doing the safari if you arrived and were through bag check at rope drop (versus being belly up to the rope) for a 9am open?
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    Monorail loop (or boat) recommendation for mid -afternoon MK break

    We'd like to take a break from Magic Kingdom from ~2-5, but not go back to our room for a pool break. Is there a late lunch / early dinner restaurant and walking around resort that you would recommend to be a break in the late afternoon? Thanks!
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    EPCOT Int'l gateway ropedrop: Test track or Soarin standby?

    We plan to do one standby at rope drop (from int'l gateway) and FP the other. Assuming no single rider line, is there an advantage of one over the other? Thanks
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    Early Morning Magic dates

    Planning a trip for the summer and would like to do EMM in Fantasyland, but currently dates are only listed to the end of March. Do they only announce dates a few months in advance or is there a chance they are ending the program (which seems like walking away from revenue which is a very...
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    Which early Nov. dates? All advice appreciated!

    My family will be doing a very quick trip in early November for Universal and WDW. We are trying to figure out whether we should do Disney first (Friday 11/2 Epcot, 11/3 AK, 11/4 MK with early morning magic) or do it second (Sunday 11/4 MK w/ early morning magic, 11/5 Epcot, 11/6 AK). Is Epcot...
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    Late August or Early November?

    We are considering doing our next trip either the first week of November this year (11/1-11/6, so the beginning of Jersey week) or the end of August next year. Aside from "earlier is always better", I was wondering on views between the two. I think the last week of August may have lower...
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    FP window for the days before I start staying on-site

    I will be visiting in November and will be staying on-site beginning on November 4th. However, before going to Disney I will be doing other things in Orlando and staying off-site, but the first time I plan to go to a Disney park in on the 3rd. When the 60 day window opens for my on-site visit...
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    How much to prioritize AK at night?

    We are planning a very short trip for early February (only 3 days). In trying to balance across parks I'm trying to decide how important it is to do AK at night. We've been several times before, but not since all the night activities have opened at AK. My current plan on superbowl Sunday is...