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    We really did "win" WDW! (Feb 24 2018 - Mar 3 2018)

    We just returned home from our trip and I am absolutely overjoyed at how well it went! We are a family of 4: myself, H, 8yo daughter, 9yo son. This was our second trip to WDW. First trip was in June 2017, where I definitely learned some lessons about how my family operates at WDW... good...
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    Crowd Calendars: Predicted crowds vs Actual crowds

    I realize that crowd calendars seem to be becoming obsolete these days, but I will admit that I still used them to consult for our upcoming WDW trip in a couple of weeks. I usually read all of them that I can get my hands on, and try to see if there are any overall agreements between them that...
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    Recommendations for a special surprise?

    Our trip is coming up at the end of the month, and I've been throwing around the idea of trying to sneak in a special surprise for my husband while there. I just have no idea what to do. He just finished taking his professional licensing exams... It was something that has been working towards...
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    Adding a day onto already purchased tickets.

    We currently have 5 day tickets that I bought on a discount. (They are the buy 4 days get 1 free MYW tickets from Orlando tourism if that matters.) We originally planned to have an off day during our trip, but now I'm thinking we might just pick up another day in the parks. How can we add...
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    Visiting resorts via monorail from MK

    For those of you who are experienced, do you think it would be worth taking a break from MK in the middle of the day to take the monorail to one of the resorts? We usually do rope drop to close in MK and never leave for a break. My kids don't need naps or anything so a break isn't needed... I...
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    Fingerprint scanner at tapstiles... Can you do this ahead of time?

    During our first trip to WDW, it took us a bit of time at the tapstiles to enter our first park on our first day because all of us needed a cast member to scan our fingerprint and link it to our magic bands. So, instead of being able to just zip through the tapstiles, we needed someone to come...
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    Your favorite way to surprise your kids?

    Thanks to some of the wonderful advice from this forum, we are going back to WDW in February 2018! We want to tell the kids on Christmas morning. They will be so excited and I am biting my tongue not to leak the secret before then! I need to figure out the details of how I want to reveal...
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    Sorcerors of Magic Kingdom game

    Can someone explain to me how this game works? We saw a few people in MK playing on our first visit but never got the cards. I think my kids would enjoy playing during our upcoming trip. They are really into the Pokémon card game at the moment - is this similar? I see a cheap set of cards...
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    What is the CHEAPEST WDW Vacation and how did you do it?

    I'm not sure if this is in the right place. We went to WDW for the first time in June. I am having withdrawals and we currently have no specific plans to go back. It was a fabulous trip, but my H was a bit shell shocked by the cost, so he doesn't consider it to be feasible as a yearly...
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    What does Pandora smell like?

    I'm sure it's a closely guarded secret, but I would pay a lot of money for a candle or diffuser to have those scents in my house! Anyone know or have any close guesses? Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
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    Flight of Passage Help!

    We were not able to get a FP for FOP since we could only book 30 days out. I'm willing to wait for it because I want to ride it that bad. Will it make a difference if we go for rope drop at AK and run for it? I'm thinking about going there super early, just to run to FOP, and then leave and...
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    Happily ever After help!!

    Couldn't find this on the search function. Where do we go for best view of HEA?? Tips to get the best seats appreciated!! Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
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    First Timers Trip Report - Live! - June 18-25

    Hello All! I read so many trip reports here when preparing for our trip that I figured I'd share my own. :) My crew is H, Daughter (7yrs), Son (8yrs) and me. This is our first Disney trip! We are staying off property at Bonnet Creek. We have a 6 day park hopper plus pass. Day 1 (Arrival...
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    What am I missing? First Timers touring plan

    Hello All - Our trip is approaching on June 18th. I've been reading here and other resources to plan for our trip, but I'm still a first timer and would welcome any input into the plans that I've made...any tips or tricks to be aware of. Our crew will be two adults and our two kids...
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    Odds and Ends questions- first time trip!

    Hi All - We are rapidly approaching our first ever trip to Disney (travel dates 06/18-06/25) and I have a lot of loose ends questions that I am hoping I can post here. 1. We have a 6 day park hopper plus pass, we intend to do all 4 theme parks (2 full days at MK and Epcot, 1 day each at AK...
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    Help! Our First Trip and My First Ever "Tour Plan".

    Help! Our First Trip and My First Ever "Tour Plan". EDIT - See post 28! Overwhelmed, here! Anyone want to help me build my itinerary for our upcoming trip? Help is much appreciated!! Here's the basic info: It will be our first time - Husband, myself, son age 8 and daughter...
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    Discovery Cove

    (I'm new here. Are we allowed to talk about non Disney attractions on this site?) I am wondering if anyone here has spent a day at Discovery Cove and whether you felt it was worth the price? Did you do the dolphin package or just the resort package? For my family of 4 adding on the dolphin...
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    I don't like rides - questions about how to make it work.

    Hello All - We are going to Disney for the very first time in June - My husband and I plus our two kids; son age 8 and daughter age 7. We intend to do all four Disney parks and Universals parks too. I'm not a fan of rides and get motion sickness easily. I can do low thrill rides like boat...