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  1. i<3riviera

    Skyliner for Studios Rope Drop

    for Riviera (and I assume Art of Animation / Pop Century) they had been allowing the first handful of groups at the station to skip the Caribbean Beach transfer line and go directly onboard the Hollywood Studios Skyliner; handful of groups was 8 in Oct 2020 at the Riviera station; we did this...
  2. i<3riviera

    Ride Wait Time Chart

    I'd recommend; they have daily updates so it's real time but I'm not sure if they have aggregate data for a week / month / year; still the daily data might suit your needs if you're really interested, I believe they use this code to collect their data...
  3. i<3riviera

    Rise of the Resistance Layout Overview (Spoilers)

    very cool! now I know how they led us out when the ride broke down; my head was spinning at the time but it all makes sense now
  4. i<3riviera

    All Ears does Riviera Resort scavenger hunt

    you all lost me back at newspaper conventions and bedsheets but I have learned my lesson: I will make sure to spell out Riviera next time; I usually keep to more Disney Vacation Club focused corners of the internet so I'm sure I have a bit of "cool kids" / "in-the-know" abbreviation syndrome
  5. i<3riviera

    All Ears does Riviera Resort scavenger hunt

    you're all boujee with your multiple fitted sheets in your fancy linen cabinets; our sheets go from the bed, to the washer, then dryer, and back on the bed; a post-noon washer entry can be a gamble; if you lose, you're stuck on unfitted flat sheets for the night like savages speaking of sheets...
  6. i<3riviera

    All Ears does Riviera Resort scavenger hunt

    my bad, it's one of the abbreviations for the Riviera Resort (DVC uses it on their official documents) but I think RIV is preferred by most people yeah, I'm with you; some amount of grazing is a healthy guilty pleasure (especially if you watch at 2x speed) but a total lack of mental stimulation...
  7. i<3riviera

    All Ears does Riviera Resort scavenger hunt

    I've heard a lot of shade directed at RVA over the last two years or so; its effect on the state of American education and grammar is a new perspective ... :D
  8. i<3riviera

    All Ears does Riviera Resort scavenger hunt

    I watch these all the time because you pick-up on some cool facts about whatever location they are in; it was fun to see them do RVA today and I actually knew some of the answers for a change! it would be fun to copy the board they used in the video and play with your family / friends if you...
  9. i<3riviera

    I know nothing about OKW

    there is a wide sidewalk next to the main north/south road and all the smaller groups of villas have sidewalks that connect to it so it's safe to walk; there might be a place here or there where you have to cross a parking lot but in general you keep away from cars; the longest walk is ~1 km...
  10. i<3riviera

    Removing people from family/friends list

    looks like you solved your problem so you won't benefit from this but for anyone else, I had luck with the contact form sending the request for someone like this to be removed; it took a while (maybe a few days, don't remember) but they eventually emailed saying they had removed the person
  11. i<3riviera

    Tom vs Josh

    I'd watch if it was Josh vs. Josh; loved your sarcasm and it looked like you had some good prep material (or at least you were reading from something hilarious)
  12. i<3riviera

    When you stalk nights

    at least twice a day, usually one of those being after midnight Orlando time; my thinking is I'll get some Cinderella style magic and a villa or two will free up after the bewitching hour I had some success with that strategy last fall but that was probably just dumb luck; I've been stalking...
  13. i<3riviera

    I'm just saying...

    love it! much to the chagrin of my social sciences [sic] partner, I always tell my daughters, "you can be absolutely anything you want to be: mechanical engineers, civil engineers, electrical engineers, chemical engineers, industrial engineers, biomedical engineers, aerospace engineers ... "
  14. i<3riviera

    Historical availability?

    very true, they're not perfect; it does attempt to enumerate things folks only bloviated about before so it's like ground penetrating radar vs. water witching: neither is correct but at least one tries to have some scientific basis I'm not a fan of the charts because they made me buy more...
  15. i<3riviera

    Rant thread

    congrats, your progress and bravery are admirable also, I'm glad you wore your buttons on separate days; I would have been thoroughly confused thinking you were some sort of Benjamin Button
  16. i<3riviera

    Historical availability?

    fun tidbit: the person that started the thread @Micah008 linked is one of the two people behind :D the difference is has continued to receive updates (including additions of resorts and unit types) where the thread on the board is in a static state
  17. i<3riviera

    Historical availability? has some pretty useful availability charts; they may not be as accurate now with the various effects of COVID-19 on the DVC system and the Walt Disney World DVC resorts having new point charts but they’re better than nothing here are the Vero Beach availability charts
  18. i<3riviera

    Waitlisting using DVC site

    you're right, it will default to the days available ... but you can manually select all the days you want and the waitlist option becomes available ... you might consider booking the 6th and do two waitlists for before and after the 6th; many day waitlists are fairly unlikely to clear
  19. i<3riviera Changes Coming in January 2021

    yes, that transaction history is an awesome upgrade! especially if you have a few dedicated cards you keep recharging, it keeps the whole history in one place though I suppose it can be shocking how much one spends on the mouse!
  20. i<3riviera Changes Coming in January 2021

    appears they needed a bit more time, now 3 Feb 2021 transition date ...