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    Using annual pass

    When on Disney property, at restaurant that offers ap discount, can I pay for the meal with Disney gift card? Wondering if there are any payment type restrictions when using ap discount? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Contemporary Main Tower Refurb

    In case you missed it ...... I was not paying attention to Disney announcements last week. Apparently they are doing room refurbs in May at the Contemporary main tower. Just received a call that my bucket list room reservation that I made like a year ago needs to change. There are way more...
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    Multiple Magic Bands

    I am lucky enough to have multiple magic bands . Can I link more than one band for my upcoming trip? Just for fun - if I want to wear one day and another on a different day? I know this sounds so frivolous but it’s giving me something positive to think about at the moment. Sent from my iPhone...
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    Anybody know how many total minutes (from fp scan point and back to scan point ) it takes to do TOT assuming walk on/ little wait until ? Back to back ? I know you walk through gift shop & back around . daughter & I like enjoy riding xx amount of times during a week long trip. With no park...
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    SSR - pleasantly surprised!

    Just returned from SSR w dh , dd 15, her friend, & Mom 72 . Girls slept on full size good quality air mattress fit between king bed & window (one bedroom villa) . Plenty of space. Only complaint was odd bathroom setup - too many doors. We had a great time & if Resort is only option - as it was...
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    Any idea on opening date for refurbished bakery in Norway? Going 7/20 week.

    I realize there is a kiosk but hoping for full menu / shop. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    AK attractions

    How late are non Pandora rides open in AK during July? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Costumes for Halloween at MK?

    Someone in my office asked me about costume rules for MK on Halloween....I said "let me go to the only blog I read.... "[emoji1]. Anyone?
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    Ugh - file under planners vs non planners living in same house

    After 18 months of detailed planning , several family meetings, discussions, ,decisions etc - ADRs & fp+ booked at the 180 & 60 day mark - today is 21 days out and husband asks "what are these magic bands for anyway?" Seriously???
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    AK train fp?

    I thought I saw fp for train to conservation station . Don't see it anymore . Did I imagine it? Thanks!
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    We are in double digits now - 99 days !

    Til our visit to the world!!!
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    AK paths for my Mom with walker- which are better?

    We have been to AK pre walker but that was several years ago. Which paths/trails have cobblestone and which are smooth?
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    Which ride is better - BTMR or 7DMT?

    Curious what people think . I have not yet been on 7DMT.
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    Electric water pageant

    Does the electric water pageant get cancelled if it rains?
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    Fantasmic package & fP conflict?

    We have Fantasmic package booked for Mon 7/27 via my Mom's mde account that we are linked to. Regular park hours are 9-10pm , emh 10-12. We will be hopping from Epcot in time for dinner. We plan to attend 9pm show. Would we be able to get fP (not my mom-she does not do RnR[emoji1]) for the last...
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    Rides for 3 across?

    Is there a list of rides at WDW that sit 3 vs 2 across? I know Space Mtn is 1 to a row. Thanks!
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    MK Am Emh - is this realistic?

    thur 7/30 - 8am emh RD : Head straight to Belle Buzz Monsters 9am Frontierland RD for 2 mtns BOg early lunch (hoping) Seems like a lot of back n forth but trying to maximize before crowds pile up . We will be at Epcot in the evening so think that we will need to save fP for soarin' Thanks!
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    Fast pass time window close to park close?

    If the park closes at 8:30pm what would be the last available fP time ? Thanks!
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    I have 6/24 7pm Cali Grill and 6/26 8:55pm BOG ADRs that I don't need

    Let me know if you would like to try to grab it and we can coordinate release time.
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    "Ride proof" eye glass straps?

    Can anyone recommend a specific brand / type of eye glass strap for a ride centered trip to WDW and the other non mouse place[emoji1]? Thanks!