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  1. BoSoxGal

    DVC Resale

    Does anyone have any experience with the DVC resale market site? We have points at Poly through Disney and are thinking about adding on. Looks like the pricing is pretty good, but is there a catch??
  2. BoSoxGal

    Broken Foot :(

    Anyone have any experience with a broken foot on their trip (or something similar)?! We’re leaving a week from today and I fell this morning, breaking my outer metatarsal. I am in an air cast and devastated! I’ll know more tomorrow when I see ortho. Was thinking maybe one of those knee scooters...
  3. BoSoxGal

    Extending Our Stay - AoA vs Yacht Club

    DH and I are at a crossroads. We have a 2BR at BWV booked for 6 night stay in August. We’re sharing it with friends using our own DVC points. We were looking at staying extra and having some additional time with just our family. An AofA suite and regular room at YC are roughly the same price. DH...
  4. BoSoxGal

    Disneyland Magic Morning - Same/different than WDW?

    Hello Disneyland veterans! 33 days to go til our trip - so pumped! It will be our first DVC member trip, staying at Grand Californian. We were only hoping to spend 2 days (one at each park) but it looks like there are no castle fireworks offered on either of those days. I am really struggling...
  5. BoSoxGal

    Mousekeeping & DVC

    50 more days for us! I'm working on last minute items for the trip. This will be our first DVC visit so I'm trying to figure out what I need to bring for mousekeeping tips. We're staying Saturday - Wednesday, so the trash & towel service will come Tuesday. Do we only leave a tip that day or...
  6. BoSoxGal

    Jedi Training @ Disneyland. Tips?

    We’re thinking of trying for Jedi Training when we visit DL in Sept. DS will be 4 so we figured we’d try to sign up if it’s not too much trouble. If it’s a mad dash kind of thing like the HS version we’re likely not interested. He’ll either love it or hate it given his age! Anyone out there...
  7. BoSoxGal

    Taking a moment to brag about my dog :)

    My previous Boston, who we lost last fall, and I were a therapy dog team for 5 years. I never thought I'd find another dog like him or want another dog period, but low and behold this sweet little girl stole our hearts upon first sight! I know this audience will appreciate her name - Rey! The...
  8. BoSoxGal

    90 Days!!

    Logged in today to see 90 days til our first DVC trip!!! So excited. It’s crazy how different DL is. We can’t book any ADRs until 60 days prior. It’s been about 3 years since our last visit. Any suggestions are welcome! We’re staying 4 nights at Grand Californian and spending 2 days in the...
  9. BoSoxGal

    40” height rides and my 4 yo

    We’re headed to DL/CA in 90 days!! My DS has been checking his height almost daily and trying to reach 40” for RSR (he is Cars obsessed). He’ll be just 4 in August and is current 39.5” so I think we’ll make it. I was looking at some of the other rides and surprised that Splash, Space and Thunder...
  10. BoSoxGal

    Incredibles 2!

    Anyone else see it? We’re never opening weekend types but our theater has assigned seats so it’s much easier. I bought them a month ago! Anyway, the movie was SO good!!!! I honestly think it was better than the first one, and the first was awesome too! DS (4 in Aug) absolutely loved it, despite...
  11. BoSoxGal

    One time use points - alternative?

    So I’m excited we got our trip ironed out for CA but am now a little annoyed. We were hoping to buy the one time/use year points so we didn’t have to borrow ahead and feel “behind” but they said since it was a waitlist we can’t do it. I was thinking of trying to rent points from another member...
  12. BoSoxGal

    New and Struggling to Manage Points

    Hey all -- Oof, it's been a long time since I've posted! Glad to be back, this time as a brand new DVC member :) I'm struggling to figure out my points. We have two contracts for Poly - both have a Dec use year. I'm trying to make a spreadsheet to manage my points, but I am not sure it's worth...
  13. BoSoxGal

    Hanging on to visit "stuff"

    We're just back from our first Christmas time trip and had a blast! Now once again I have a stack of park maps, MVMCP wristbands, MagicBands etc. I am really not into scrap booking but want to put them together some how for the kids. Any ideas? What have you done? For our first trip to DL last...
  14. BoSoxGal

    9:10 BoG - Arrive what time?

    We have a 9:10 ADR tomorrow. MK opens at 9. What time should we get to the gates? Will they let us in early?
  15. BoSoxGal

    EMH @ MK - How bad?

    One of the nights we're at WDW next week has EMH until 1 am at MK. I've never been that late - how bad are the crowds?? I think it's the night of Wednesday 12/14. TY!
  16. BoSoxGal

    Stroller covers

    I'm back hemming and hawing over strollers - this time with accessories! I feel like some folks before had mentioned bringing a rain cover because of those random pop up downpours in FL. Are we risking it by not bringing one? We're going 12/12 to 12/17. Of all the times we've been to FL, I've...
  17. BoSoxGal

    MVMCP Tix

    Is anyone else having trouble with the site? I can't get past assigning the tickets. I've tried my iPhone, iPad, Chrome, and IE. Ideas? I am feeling too lazy to call but I guess I might have to!
  18. BoSoxGal

    What a game!

    Anyone else make it to the end?! What an amazing game 7! So happy for the Cubbies!!!
  19. BoSoxGal

    Caramel/chocolate candy apples

    Anyone know if they have the candy apples at EPCOT? I'm hoping to get one for DH as a surprise souvenir. Hmm. Actually. Anyone have any luck bringing one of them back on the plane?!
  20. BoSoxGal

    Conference next week!

    I just found out I'm going to a conference at CS next week - ahh! It includes one night at EPCOT this year. I'm so excited I can't believe how lucky I am. It's Sunday through Wednesday and I want to try to sneak away one night. I'm going with my boss so I don't have *that* much freedom (but she...