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  1. Disneyfan

    August 2021 stay against my better judgment

    Thank you for sharing in my joy, Adrienne! We've never been to B&C or Cape May. So that was the thinking on that one. By that point of the trip, I will probably be stuffed past my ears. We may even just grab QS. We will have a day or so to cruise by Cape May before our ADR and check out the...
  2. Disneyfan

    AK Early Arrival

    Thank you for the reports! I am in freak out mode as our trip starts Sunday at 3:30 am.
  3. Disneyfan

    A multigenerational girls PTR!

    That sounds great! I hope the trip exceeds your expectations. Tricia, I have said it before and I will say it again. Time just flies by!! It is so easy to get caught up in the day to day cray cray of raising kids and you forget to enjoy them. Every age has it's wonders. There is nothing like...
  4. Disneyfan

    Weird availability

    Well one day the tides will again turn and Disney will again be begging us to come back. I am glad that clicked on this thread. Makes me very happy about my stay at GF and YC next week. I booked last fall with a "special" PIN code the apparently half the world got.
  5. Disneyfan

    August 2021 stay against my better judgment

    Tuesday - MK Leave GF at 6:30 7:30 Space Mountain (X2??) 8:00 Astro Orbiter 10 min/2 min 8:15 Buzz 10 min/4 min 8:35 Pooh 15 min/4 min 9:00 Tea cups 10 min/2 min 9:20 Dumbo 9:35 Barnstormer 9:50 Mermaid TTA Buzz ??/if time 12:10 ADR Plaza Show/Swiss Family Treehouse/Dole Whip Break at hotel 7:15...
  6. Disneyfan

    August 2021 stay against my better judgment

    @ Adrienne Our trip is just days away, and I am just NOW figuring out a plan. All I have finished is MK at the moment. Disney opened Park Reservations again last week. So IDK how these plans will work with increased capacity. But at least I will have something. I think you only asked about AK...
  7. Disneyfan

    arrival night dinner choice

    Hmm . . . I have a B&C scheduled for lunch next week. Maybe I will drop it. We've never eaten there before. Well, I booked II Mulino via Open Table for next week also. Aren't you able to dump an Open Table reservation at the last minute without a problem??? Adrienne, if you are interested...
  8. Disneyfan

    Switch WDW reservation to Swan/Dolphin

    Pretty sure you would keep them. ADRs do not drop off the way FPs did in the past. I dropped a hotel reservation and there was a message saying that you had to cancel any ADRs you had as they were not automatically canceled with the hotel cancelation.
  9. Disneyfan

    Help with planning DHS time in August

    The unknown capacity increase is what scares me. I have just been spoiled by knowing the best way to use FP+.
  10. Disneyfan

    Epcot touring strategy for 1.5 days in August

    Thank you for the advice. Is there a particular day that Disney likes to add Park Passes?
  11. Disneyfan

    Help with planning DHS time in August

    Not looking good for my June 19 and 20 HS visit.
  12. Disneyfan

    Boardwalk Inn or GF outer building?

    A girls trip!!!! That would be a great memory! Just savor all those wonderful moments. The world just spins faster and faster. I love Slinky, too! I am just a kid at heart. DD gave me a tiny Slink for Christmas. I hope your DD loves the ride!!
  13. Disneyfan


    I made it!!! Just finished an entire Hybrid school year with 6/7 year old sweeties! I will miss my precious class so much. But just wow. . .It's over and stress is still keeping me awake.
  14. Disneyfan

    Boardwalk Inn or GF outer building?

    Are you kidding me???? Where does the time go?? My first stay at GF is 9 days away! I've never even stepped foot on the grounds. But thinking like a kid - I remember loving the monorail and MK during my first visit. The sky ride in MK kind of scared me. The Skyliner is more enclosed - so maybe...
  15. Disneyfan

    Fastpass+ Testing Rumors summer 2021

    I am far from an expert and do not claim to be. . .but. . . I have been to places on the internet I've never been before looking for glimpses into the future. I may know the article you mentioned. However, that information does not seem to be accurate. If the "insiders" are correct, FP+ as we...
  16. Disneyfan

    RotR boarding group process

    I don't think this article mentions practicing at home prior to your trip. I practice whenever I think about it. I just start at the home screen on the app instead of looking for the three lines as TP suggests. On the big day when you are at HS (or in your room prior to opening/7 am), don't...
  17. Disneyfan

    August 2021 stay against my better judgment

    You're right! I came to the TGM party late in the game. But I remember standing outside of RnRc and watching the wait time sign explode to an enormous number as we stood there looking at it. I was panicking and shouting to my kids that TGM said HS was supposed to be a green park that day. I was...
  18. Disneyfan

    August 2021 stay against my better judgment

    This was painful to read! Welp, I still plan my park days this way. I have a big copy that I print and a version that I shrink and laminate to keep in my pocket. This will be the first trip in a long long long time that I may not have everything mapped out. Scary!
  19. Disneyfan

    Renting DVC Points

    We often drive to WDW. I don't think I would stay at WBC with out my car or a rental. I have used Vacation Strategy 3 or 4 times and everything always went very smoothly. I can't speak to DVC as we have never stayed at one. But I will say that DD (20) was disappointed that we were staying at...
  20. Disneyfan

    RD Magic Kingdom

    Personally, I would be closing the door to my room at 6:45. But that is just me. I used to be a fast walker, but not any more. People wiz by me now. I would actually aim for a bit earlier to allow for problems. Also, being in the garden wing, the walk would be a bit longer than if leaving from...