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  1. jilly7896

    Excited about our magic bands transformations

    We did that too!!!
  2. jilly7896

    Current Bounceback Offer

    Is anyone there now or was there in the last couple of weeks that can tell me what the current Bounceback offer is? I'm hoping there is something for next Oct-Nov. Thanks!
  3. jilly7896 Disney sale

    I saw lots of princess dresses and toys/clothes for kids. Definitely worth checking out :)
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    Did anything get announced?? I didn't really hear anything about it :(
  5. jilly7896

    Frontier Airlines

    They just started flying out of a little local airport and they have flights to Orlando for ridiculously cheap prices. Anyone have experience with them??
  6. jilly7896

    Test Track soft opening?

    Anyone hear anything on Test Track? I would love to see them do some soft openings when I'm there!
  7. jilly7896

    Port Canaveral question

    Are there cabs at the Port when you get off the cruise ship? Or do you need to schedule one to pick you up? I don't remember seeing them when I was there, but I also wasn't looking... Thanks!
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    We will be there over Halloween this year. I don't plan on attending the Halloween party that night. I made reservations for the Pirate League that day, but what is there to do that night? Does any resort or park do anything special for Halloween?
  9. jilly7896

    Disney Marathon Questions

    Can anyone help me? 1. What are the best days to go around Marathon weekend? The days leading up to it, or the days after? Or days on both sides straddling the weekend? 2. Are there any special deals for marathon runners and their families? I heard this year is the 20th running of the...
  10. jilly7896

    Fun iPad app

    I just came across Disney pix and I love it! You can add Disney backgrounds, pictures and borders to your pictures. So fun! Anyone else have some good Disney apps to share?
  11. jilly7896

    POP room location / floor

    This was my view in Sept. I was by myself with my 3 older sons. I knew they would want to do a lot of swimming and I wanted to be able to see them from the room incase I wanted to stay inside (I'm not much of a swimmer). It was perfect for us. I requested pool view. We were on the 2nd floor...
  12. jilly7896

    DVC rental for 1 night

    I was thinking about renting DVC for 1 night in May. None of the rental sites (David's, DVC-rental, etc.) handle 1 night rentals. I'm scared of the DIS. Does anyone have a site they can recommend? or any owners looking to rent out a few points?
  13. jilly7896

    Today only!

    Today only, is offering 40% off Disney skins for your laptop, phone, mp3 player and more. Just enter the code DAY3DISNEY at checkout. If you have an account, you get 7.5% back!
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    Surprise! We are going to Disney World! (9/23/11-9/29/11)

    September 23, 2011- September 29, 2011 Pop Century Cast: Jill (Me) Connor (DS12) Kieran (DS9) Ryan (DS9) Janet- My mom Lynn-Sister On September 27, 2001, my oldest son finished treatment for Acute Mylogenous Leukemia. He was 2. 10 years later, I was ready to celebrate!!! 10 years Cancer...
  15. jilly7896

    Changes to Table Service Dining Cancellation Policy

    I just read this on Changes to table service dining cancellation policy as Disney expands the requirement of credit card guarantees Oct 11, 2011 Disney are making a significant change to the reservation cancellation policy for some of the most popular restaurants at Walt Disney...
  16. jilly7896

    One week til I leave...

    and I STILL haven't told my kids! Yay for me! I didn't think I had it in me to hold a secret this long. At this point, I'll probably just wait until that morning to tell them. I'm feeling really proud of myself and wanted to share :RpS_thumbsup:
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    gotta love ebay

    People will sell ANYTHING!!! and buy apparently.... Fun package? loaded? hahahaha and I see one seller is making a killing on park maps and plastic bags...
  18. jilly7896

    Disney World Photo of the Day 8/13 Resort Pools

    I got one! I am by no means a photographer, but I really liked this picture! My husband and youngest son at the CBR pool.
  19. jilly7896

    Free Dining Rumor...

    A rumor has begun circulating that Disney will offer a free Dining Plan for select dates. According to the rumor, bookings beginning August 3rd, 2011 will be eligible for the free Dining Plan for the following travel dates: •October 2, 2011 - October 8, 2011 •October 23, 2011 - November 5...