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    August 14 park day (Saturday)

    MK closing at 6. Just announced opening at 8am. Wondering if this might be a “lower” crowd day/more pleasant morning if we can get there early. We can park hop and not worried about fireworks so don’t mind early closing. Will others avoid the park due to private event? Plan now is for dhs that...
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    ice cream cookie sandwich?

    My son and husband both love the ice cream cookie sandwich from the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor. Must do, every time. They would make it with mint chip for them, on warm choc chip cookies. I have yet to break the news to them that Plaza Ice Cream Parlor is closed right now. And I don't see it on the...
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    Swan day passes for pool (general public)

    I just stumbled upon the fact that Swan sells day pool passes to the general public. This includes a reserved chair, etc. I must say, this really annoys me (apologies to anyone who utilizes this option). Is anyone else surprised by this? Is this common knowledge? This is continuing this summer...
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    Best park day selection for mid-August

    Hi all, Have been reading some blogs about park selection strategy and am rethinking a few things for my mid-August trip. I have a split stay, and am mainly concerned about the first few days in the DHS/Epcot area. My question relates to avoiding Epcot on Sat and Sun due to local crowds. I have...
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    arrival night dinner choice

    Anyone want to chime in? Arriving at Swan at 5ish. No park ticket. Plan is to eat dinner and do mini golf that evening. Leaning towards dinner in boardwalk area to make things easier, but tempted to go to disney springs (uber?) because of quality of restaurants. Would def do that if no mini golf...
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    AK day on 8/13

    Me, Husband, 19 yo son AK on Fri 8/13, 8am-6pm Please help me plan my arrival (by bus from Swan, or should we Uber or something?) and then plan the order of attractions. Any advice on enjoying the day is appreciated. We will plan to spend the full day, as it is our only AK day of the trip...
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    Help with planning DHS time in August

    Thanks for helping me organize our DHS time on 2 park days in August. Me, husband, 19 yo son. Th 8/12, hours 9-7pm and Sat 8/14 9-7pm Walking from Swan both days. What time should we arrive? (willing to arrive as early as necessary to have our best chance of enjoying the day!) I am willing to...
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    Epcot touring strategy for 1.5 days in August

    Thanks in advance for helping me plan our Epcot time. Me, husband, 19 yo DS August 14, Thursday (11am-9pm). Walking from Swan to IG entrance--can arrive whatever time you think we should arrive. Ideally, here is what we would like to do, but can push Frozen and other things (whatever, besides...
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    Fastpass+ Testing Rumors summer 2021

    Hey, Did anyone see a recent internet article/rumor about possible testing of FP+ on MDE? Hoping for a small miracle for August. If anyone sees or hears anything, please let me know! (And Josh if you read this, thanks so much for the latest post! So helpful as we head into the great unknown of a...
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    August 2021 stay against my better judgment

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts. We are seasoned visitors but rely heavily on early arrivals and fastpasses usually, so I am very, very concerned about being able to enjoy this trip, especially with recent capacity increases. I have actually been thinking about cancelling the whole thing...
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    Yacht Club not available early Aug 2018?

    Any idea why there don't seem to be standard rooms available at YC the first 10 days or so of Aug 2018? I even played with dates a little. Have never tried to book a Disney trip this far in advance. Thanks!
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    Late June 2018 or early August 2018?

    Planning trip for next summer. We have been countless times but never during busy season, but school and sports are leaving no other options. Trip with 16 yo son (both parents or mom-son, not sure yet). Probably yacht club or other deluxe. Please help me choose, late June (22-31ish)or aug...
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    Help me plan Sunday 4/24 at MK

    Me, dh, ds 14. 3 days at mk, will do mornings and evenings and over 3 days will do everything on our list. Here is my issue on 4/24: just grabbed BOG at 1:55, which family likes to do. However, was planning to break around 11:30.... We have fp for splash around 11am, then space and 7dmt late...
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    Help with BOG 1:55 lunch adr

    We were lucky to snag this for April 24 after just rearranging our itinerary. But, it is later than we would like (we will break for the afternoon). Any suggestions for officially or unofficially eating earlier? Guess I will continue to stalk for earlier times. Can we show up early with any...
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    Another epcot morning

    CL 6, most rec. RD Soarin 9-9:20 living with land 9:20-9:40 spaceship earth fp (9-10) 9:45-10:05 TT with FP+ 10:10-10:30 (10-11) breakfast snack sunshine seasons Figment 11:00-11:15 with FP+ (11-12) on the way to international gateway for resort break (next week, 90 degrees plus) we will do...
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    Cases of water at resorts

    Read somewhere here that they have started selling fairly reasonably priced cases of water. Going to YC next week. Will this be an option? Trying to avoid the grocery stop. We will get cups of water in the parks, but always need some at the hotel. Thank you!
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    evening EMH at HS

    Has anyone done this lately? We will attempt this in late aug, crowd level 5. Right now, we have our FP+ in place for about 6:30-9:30, and plan to do what we can during 9:30-11:30. But, wondering if we should use fp+ at epcot in am, and just head to DHS for 9:30. Staying at YC so either...
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    DQ status?

    Co-worker's daughter just returned from DW/Univ trip and said DQ is no longer operating due to construction. I am highly skeptical of this info, which was passed along to me. I know about the future closing. This is a trip highlight for my son (aug 22-31 trip planned). Am I correct that it...
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    Getting around DTD

    our DTD day always includes: DQ, lunch at WGP Marketplace, DQ, Ghiradelli CF, maybe DQ a little you can see, lots of walking across the whole place. I realize we could condense our DQ plans, but this works best for unscrambling brains every little while. Has the construction somehow...
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    HS and Epcot big rides, last hour CL 3/4

    Late aug/early sept visit with hoppers, 10 days. Trying to squeeze in additional rides on faves like TT, TSMM, SOARIN, RnR without fp+). What will waits be like for this rides in the last hour of each park, recommended days, CL 3-4? We will have the opportunity to walk in to EP and HS...