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    AK Early Arrival

    Have a four day trip coming up over Memorial Day weekend. We are staying at Swan to take advantage of being able to walk to two parks and avoid any transportation issues. We had great success(based on Josh's advice) walking to and arriving at the parks early on a quick trip in the fall(among the...
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    Rope Drop to Peter Pan

    Setting up a touring plan for my brother in law and family....looking to have them start the day at Peter Pan. Originally I was going to have them go to the Liberty Square bridge and take the "new" widened path back towards Fantasyland however I see Josh's touring plan recommends going through...
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    Transportation from Shades of Green

    A group of us are staying at Shades of Green over Memorial Day weekend, we haven't stayed there before and I'm looking for some info on transportation. From my research I known Shades does have some of their own buses, but they don't run as early or as frequently as the Disney buses....with that...
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    Cancelled flight-need to cancel trip

    My girlfriend and I were flying to Orlando from the New York area tomorrow night for a one night stay and a day in MK on Friday, from there we were heading farther south to visit her family. Long story short our flight has been cancelled and we won't be going. I called Disney yesterday with the...