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  1. RetroCOTfan

    Room-Only Discount for AP/FL/Visa for Dec. 12-24

    Disney released a room-only discount for APs, FL residents, and Disney Visa cardholders for the small window of 12/12-12/24. Discounts range from 10-25%.
  2. RetroCOTfan

    Space 220 opening date set (for real) - now September 20th

    As the father of a 13-yr-old boy who loves all things aeronautics and space, we're pretty pumped for this to open. His opinion may change slightly when the menu is announced (not sure how "modern and upscale" his tastes are), but we'll absolutely try it for the atmosphere, or lack thereof. That...
  3. RetroCOTfan

    Kali River Rapids - late opening?

    Does KRR still open later than park opening? IIRC, on our last trip KRR opened an hour later than the park.
  4. RetroCOTfan

    Arrival time at each park (by car)

    Headed down the last week of this month to drop off our daughter for her Fall DCP program, and spending the rest of the week in the parks. We'll be driving - any tips on what time to arrive at the parking tollbooths at each park for RD? Trying to figure out what time we should be leaving the...
  5. RetroCOTfan

    50th celebration announcement - what's the best part?

    I can't decide if I'm more excited about Harmonious, a new show in AK, or that coffee table book. I do love me a Disney coffee table book.
  6. RetroCOTfan

    Disney College Program is back!

    In the surest sign that Disney needs more people in its labor force right now, today they announced the DCP is back, and CPs can start as early as June. For right now, only the 2020 CPs whose programs were cut short or cancelled will be eligible. And while they'll be able to skip the interview...
  7. RetroCOTfan

    AAA Discounts?

    I know the AAA preferred parking is gone, but are there any other Disney discounts/benefits for AAA members? I've got a code for a pretty steep discount on AAA membership, and I'm trying to figure out if it's worth it.
  8. RetroCOTfan

    RIP Free MagicBands

    Disney Announces Park Reservation System and Other Changes Tucked away in this article is the announcement that, for arrivals January 1, 2021 and later, MagicBands will no longer be offered for free for resort guests. You can still buy them at a discount, but otherwise all MagicBand functions...
  9. RetroCOTfan

    Taste Track

    Does anyone know if Taste Track is open? I think I remember seeing it was gone, presumably for refurb, but I didn’t know if it was back yet. My son really wants a churro sundae when we’re there in a couple of weeks.
  10. RetroCOTfan

    Access to Frontierland after BOG breakfast

    Does anyone know how far you can wander into Frontierland after you finish breakfast at BOG? We're doing EMM at MK earlier in our trip, so for our second day at MK we plan on rope dropping BTMRR and then Splash. I know the attractions won't be running until park open, but will we be able to walk...
  11. RetroCOTfan

    Two concurrent room reservations - okay?

    Hopefully this is an easy question, I'm just nervous because I haven't done this before. In January I booked a trip for late July at CBR to take advantage of free dining. My family of four includes my wife and our teenage daughter, so we had been kicking around the idea of adding a second room...
  12. RetroCOTfan

    SDD after SW Fireworks?

    Is there generally enough time after the SW fireworks to get to Toy Story Land and get in line for SDD? If anyone has done this - did it work out okay, or was "swimming upstream" too stressful? We like to vacate the Hub after HEA and get in a late-night ride on POTC and/or JC, so we're fine...
  13. RetroCOTfan

    Peter Pan M&G hours at MK

    Does anyone know what hours Peter Pan meets at MK? The MDE app says 1:00 - 1:40 and 3:55 - 4:30, but the Disney website just lists 1:00 - 4:30. I thought in previous years he met from 1:00 - 4:30 with intermittent breaks, but the inconsistent info is making it difficult for me to plan! :RpS_laugh:
  14. RetroCOTfan

    All-in-one Lens Advice

    I shoot with a Nikon D3300, and have the 18-55 mm kit lens as well as a 55-200 f/4-5.6 (the typical package deal at the time I purchased it). I'm not as good as I'd like, but I have fun with it and my wife puts up with me taking too many pictures of "stuff" and not enough of the kids...
  15. RetroCOTfan

    Memory Maker price increase 6/7

    Just in case you didn't see it on any of the other 185 Disney "news" sites, MM price increased for both pre-order and on-site purchase. Pre-order was $149, now is $169. On-site was $169, now is $199.
  16. RetroCOTfan

    M&G timing - Peter Pan & Gaston

    Our family has never really been interested in meet & greets, but for some reason my 16-yr-old daughter really wants to meet Peter Pan and Gaston this trip. :RpS_rolleyes: I'm adding these into our plans, and I'm trying to figure out how much time to allocate. Is about 15 minutes enough for...
  17. RetroCOTfan

    Flo's V-8 Cafe (DL) sandwich at WDW?

    Our last Disney trip was to Disneyland, where our our daughter fell in love with the Turkey Dip sandwich at Flo's. Does anyone know of a comparable sandwich anywhere in WDW? The menu description is: Turkey Dip Potato Ginder Roll and Provolone Cheese with Turkey Au Jus We're headed back to...
  18. RetroCOTfan

    Travel time to Trail's End

    I'm trying to figure out travel times from AoA to Trail's End. I'll have a car, so I'm considering either: A) take bus from AoA to MK, then boat from MK to FW; or B) drive from AoA to FW, take internal bus to Trail's End. Any guess on how long each route would take? (It's a 10:30 a.m...