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  1. RMmom

    Home near WDW

    I am seriously ready to move down to live and work at WDW....don't worry @josh this move isn't because you replied to my other post Are there local communities that either have less or don't allow rentals for the parks? I want a house that is close enough but that every week I don't have new...
  2. RMmom

    MNSSHP 2021??

    do you think they will have MNSSHPs this fall? we rebooked our 2020 trip and I am hoping these will be back this fall. thanks!
  3. RMmom

    September 2020 Universal/MNSSHP Trip Report

    What we have planned so far for our trip.... It will be me (43) and 3 kiddos (16, 13 and 9). I have rented a house in Windsor Hills for the week. I have booked a "throwaway" night at Royal Pacific to get 2 days of express pass. I have bought 4 day park-to-park tickets for 2...
  4. RMmom

    Universal House Rental Recommendation

    Hello. Can you recommend a community to look at or actual home rental near Universal? our last 4 times we rented, 2 were in Indian Creek and 2 were in Windsor Hills.... I know there are closer communities...asking experts their opinion. We are booking a throwaway night for express pass for 2...
  5. RMmom

    Universal Orlando

    I know, I know...they are the other parks BUT this year the 4 of us have gotten into HP as a family. We read the books together, watch the movies and I have now got the younger 2 really into Harry Potter. We have been to Universal 2x but it was before the 2nd half opened up. I am thinking...
  6. RMmom

    Disney Dating Site

    I am here to say "Why isn't there a Disney Addict Dating Site?" I am really not ready to date and honestly am very scared of the prospect. I haven't dated in 22 years. *when* I am ready, I wish there was a dating site meant just for Disney lovers. to me, then I would know they are a quality...
  7. RMmom

    Say What????

    Today, I called and talked to a Ticketing CM to refund our MNSSHP ticket & then asked him about the park ticket that will go unused. He said to take it to guest services and explain the situation to them and they will probably give me a disney gift card for the value of the ticket???? I have...
  8. RMmom

    Mnsshp & fp+

    Last time we went to MNSSHP, we were able to book 3 FP with our party ticket. I know last year some people said that they weren't able to book them or that WDW then cancelled a day of FP that was for a park day. We have 6 day tickets and the party I am hoping to book for 7 days...
  9. RMmom

    I got this!!!! - Trip Report - September 2018

    Pre-trip portion of report..... It will be my 1st solo trip with the kids. read this thread to know why, if you don't already know....!-!-! (obviously, I don't know how to make a hyperlink :RpS_huh:) We are going in...
  10. RMmom

    I can do this?!?!?!

    so, about 20 days ago my husband came home and blindsided me and told me he is leaving me and the kids. kids and I are strong, getting counseling and will be great. reason for posting it here is that we already have a September trip to WDW planned. I am taking the kids but there will be many...
  11. RMmom

    Disney Pin Lot

    I ended up finding someone that Bricker recommends and bought from them. Lot of Pins will arrive shortly.
  12. RMmom

    How to Refresh for FP availability

    When all of you ROCKSTARS talk about refreshing for FP and new things pop up, I wonder what that what specifically you hit, press, click on when in the App? I went on there today to play around to see if I could figure it out....there was no little refresh button on the top. Do...
  13. RMmom

    Rookie Mistake

    Booked our Southwest flights as parties of 1 BUT booked them as I am on hold for over 30 minutes (so far) to talk to an agent to get them separated into 2 one-way flights so I can get the price/points adjustment. so remember folks, book each person on your trip separately AND...
  14. RMmom


    AHHHHHHHH. looks like the family will be living in China for 2 months in 2018 so my hubby can do work there. I have many things to ask about. 1. How do you survive 14 hours on a plane? I am not a fan of flying. 2. anyone have travel tips for going to China? 3. has anyone been to either...
  15. RMmom

    2018 trip...

    I need to start planning our next trip. going through WDW withdrawal. I am thinking August-December for months. When would you go? I feel like when i was reading all of the posts that September was more crowded than end of August this year and Oct was the most crowded of those 3. is my...
  16. RMmom

    Tier 1 Question

    Hello. If we only book 2 FP+ at Epcot or even 1 and it was a Tier 1 FP+....once it is used, can we go on and book another Tier 1 FP+???? For example, We book 1 FP+ for entire day and it is for Soarin. Once we scan at Soarin, can we grab a FP+ for Test Track? Thanks so much!!!!!!
  17. RMmom

    February 2017 ~ Trip Report #2

    Hello all. This will be my 2nd WDW Trip Report on easywdw. I really enjoyed doing it the first time, so here I go again! We (Me, Hubby, 12yo daughter, 9yo son, 5 yo daughter) will be heading down to WDW for a week in February. We are renting a house in the Indian Creek Subdivision. We have...
  18. RMmom

    February Crowd Calendar

    Just swapped 2 of my days based on Josh's was quick and easy and I was able to grab all FP for the swap, including Soarin and 7DMT. The swap was Saturday and Sunday....swapped Saturday from an Epcot day to a MK day and then Sunday went from a MK day to an Epcot day...
  19. RMmom

    skippers canteen ~ 2 reservations, sit near each other

    hello. how possible would it be to have a 5 person 4:45pm and a 2 person 4:55pm reservation sat near/with each other at Skipper's Canteen? Thanks!!!
  20. RMmom

    Amazon Locker

    Hello all. I have never used a locker before but am considering it for our house rental for our WDW trip. I would love to have prime pantry deliver our stuff but rental home won't accept delivery so that leaves the amazon locker as an option to grab our goodies when we arrive. Has anyone...