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  1. nursepaula

    last minute hurricane detour!

    Had plans to go to Myrtle Beach 9/7-14, didn't feel gambling with Dorian. We start driving in 6 hours, staying Clearwater-adjacent and got tickets for Tuesday MNSSHP. Got a throwaway campsite night and a Liberty Tree "lunner" for 4:45 (I think... though that makes no sense with our FP+ - anyway...
  2. nursepaula

    last minute hurricane trip?

    Had plans to go to Myrtle Beach 9/7-14 but now looking at the Gulf Coast (as close as Clearwater and as far as Perdido Key) and possibly driving into Orlando to do the Tuesday MNSSHP - are we crazy? Is that something we can decide on Monday, pending weather reports? Last time we went to WDW I...
  3. nursepaula

    Podcasts for car trips?

    I listen to loads of NPR-type podcasts (your This American Life, RadioLab, Serial) but DH would rather poke himself in the eye with a rusty nail. He really liked How Did This Get Made? and so looking around for comedy podcasts we might listen together tonight while the kids are asleep. Anyone...
  4. nursepaula

    Disney road signs

    Random I know but: we are driving down to FL this weekend (eeeeeeeeeekkkk!!!!) taking 75 south from Ohio, staying at Windsor Hills. Kids don't know we are going and we don't plan to tell them until they figure it out or we are at our first park, whichever comes first. Mostly because we haven't...
  5. nursepaula

    re-thinking Cali Grill for Wishes

    We currently have a 9:05pm ADR for 6 on 8/23 and have several problems: 1. we were planning only dessert as that is too late for the kids (ages 6-10) to be holding out for dinner 2. the guilt of knowing that ordering just dessert and drinks is not really the done thing... 2. DH isn't likely to...
  6. nursepaula

    August trip instagram

    Will be going 8/20-28, it's a surprise for the kids and also will be juggling grad school assignments because I'm a genius with scheduling like that. Thought easiest way to share my excitement with... anyone, would be to send my grams out, insta-like. Started an account for our trip today, so...
  7. nursepaula

    What is Pokémon go?

    That is all. Like, really- what is it?
  8. nursepaula

    take home snacks

    Not sure what we will do with all our snack credits. Long story short: the DxDP makes sense for us based on the meals we have scheduled. If history repeats itself, I think last time we had something like 16 snack credits to use up on our last park day = came home with a bunch of stale popcorn...
  9. nursepaula

    Epcot 2 day do-over

    You . Guys. :help: I thought I was all done. I really wanted to be done because I have a paper I should be writing but can't focus. Long story long, Frozen FP+ had us changing our itinerary a little, but maybe for the better in terms of overall vacation pacing #iaintmad. However, this has us...
  10. nursepaula

    drawing class at AoA

    We missed out on taking one of the drawing classes when staying at AoA in 2014. Wanting to try to go on our break day this time, I don't think you had to be a resort guest to do it. Is it worth looking it up on the schedule during our week?
  11. nursepaula

    TS recommendations at resorts or D Springs

    Trying to move some things around and looking for TS dinner recommendations outside of the parks where we can use 1 DP credit/person. BoAtHoU$e was recommended and has 6:30pm opening, but am confused if it is 1 or 2 TS credits. TIA
  12. nursepaula

    Joy & Sadness at park close

    With Frozen FP+ availability sucking before noon, am now considering late arrival Epcot day 2. We'd RD TT & FP+ Soarin' one day, use day 2 for sleeping in, swimming, and evening WS wandering, FEA and the Joy/Sadness meet on our way out. Anyone know what waits have been like at the Not That...
  13. nursepaula


    today on my newsfeed and I can't stop laughing: Picture caption, in case the picture is hard to read after trying to edit out people's names: Super aggrivated because we drove over an hour to Dover so we could see this beach, it's nowhere to be found. Probably in another state. No one here...
  14. nursepaula

    EPCOT 8/22 revisited

    In the spirit of DH wanting to join in the planning (finally, yay!)- will this work? Currently unsure if we will have time to hit Mexico if we ride M:S twice before our brunch ADR. RD Joy/Sadness M:S Green M:S Orange FP+ 9:30 Gran Fiesta Tour Akershus 10:55 Frozen FP+ 12:30 WS wandering, Agent...
  15. nursepaula

    EPCOT tiers

    Is Mission: SPACE still a tier 1 attraction?
  16. nursepaula

    that moment when DaSpouse wants to...

    ...change touring plans the day before FP+ opens up. Ok- 2 day MK plan. Thought I was ready, but now DH thinks we should all do Space Mt. at least once, keep PPO BOG and minimize walking by moving around the order of the lands we are visiting. He's probably right about the walking (and I can...
  17. nursepaula

    HS 8/27, is character palooza still a thing?

    It will be our last day at the parks, we check out of WH the next morning. Late arrival with FP+ at TSMM, Star Tours and ToT. ADR at MM 2:40 for F! Dining package and other priority is Star Wars character meets- planning on the Visa meet if that saves time. So... How late in the day can we...
  18. nursepaula

    FP+ with RS

    Family = Self, DH, DD9, DD8, DD6a & DD6b. For Epcot could we... FP+ TT for DH, DD9 & DD6a FP+ Soarin' for me, DD8, DD6b And use RS for the other half of the party to ride?
  19. nursepaula

    MK 8/25 morning plan

    What do you all think? PPO BOG 7DMT Buzz x2 Speedway Meet Buzz Laughfloor HM FP+ 10:30 Splash FP+ 11:30 Lunch Pirates League 12:20 & 12:30 appts for 4 DDs PoTC FP+1:30
  20. nursepaula

    MK 8/23 Welcome show + Merida meet

    We would like to "take it easy" our first MK day and would like to start by being able to watch the welcome show and then head off to the Merida meet. What is a good time to arrive to be able to do this? MK is most recommended, but I believe that EMM was moved to that day. CL 5-6 all week.