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    Our fearless leader is back in action

    So sorry that happened!! What a scary experience, I can’t even remotely imagine. I live in Florida now, so I’m available for a welfare check anytime. We all missed your posts, but mostly we’re glad your OK.
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    G+/LL when park hopping

    Thanks Anne, I’ll check on Dis
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    G+/LL when park hopping

    It may be from the old AP system. I really wasn‘t sure why it let me. I’ve had my park reservations made for the week of my resort stay for a while. I have reservations in EPCOT for that evening and though I’m sure there would be no problem hopping to EPCOT, I wanted to have the assurance of...
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    G+/LL when park hopping

    That will be on 12/1 as well 😊
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    G+/LL when park hopping

    I’m starting in MK, ending in EP. I have two reservations for that day one for each park. So I’m wondering if genie plus will allow me to schedule in my second park prior to 2 PM????
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    FastPass is gone! Now we get to pay for "Lightning Lane"

    Does Genie+ need to be purchased in order to then purchase two attractions not included or can you opt to just spend money on the two individual attractions?
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    Tom vs Josh

    please don’t stop posting Pooh. That’s how I remember to watch 😊
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    DVC Annual Pass renewal

    Thank you!!
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    DVC Annual Pass renewal

    Hello, when annual passes are renewed, are they automatically activated once the original pass expires or do they need to be activated??? Thanks 😊
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    Member Services---busy, shorthanded or both?

    Called today, wait time was 70 minutes. I waited about that exact amount and when the call was answered I was told to call back later, the system was hung up and they couldn’t do anything 🙄 I haven’t called back yet.
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    Bit of Disney during a Global Pandemic

    I wish I had the counter space
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    Annual Pass Expiration Date

    Hello. Has anyone checked to see if their annual pass expiration date was extended due to the closure? Mine has been fluctuating between the original date and the new date. Now for the past two days it is back to the original expiration. Of course I can’t get through by phone. I’m having...
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    Park Pass Reservations

    I now have 3 confirmed park days in November even though my pass expiration shows September.
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    Park Pass Reservations

    👍 thanks!!
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    Park Pass Reservations

    Getting ready to book park reservations with our annual passes. The original expiration date for our passes was 9/14/20. The expiration was extended to 1/9/21 in MDE. Of course now that it’s just about time to book, the expiration has reverted back to the original expiration date 😡
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    Hi There, this may be a very basic question that I should already know the answer to, but it’s been years since I’ve taken advantage of extra magic hours. At MK is it various attractions throughout the park or just Fantasy & Tomorrow Land? I’m getting confused with early morning magic. Thanks
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    DVC Gold Pass

    Hi All, just purchased DVC annual passes for the first time. The confirmation states to pick them up at any Theme Park ticketing window. I thought I read on other posts that these are obtained at Guest Services?? Regardless, can I pick them up and activate at the same location? The day we...
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    First week of February

    I could have sworn I read that the first week of February was a low crowd level. i am looking to book a DVC accommodation and most everything is booked for that week (have only checked studios so far). Is it because it’s only six months out or is something going on that week? (2/2-2/9/19) thanks
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    Fast Pass on Monday 7/3 - PLEASE Review Itinerary

    Touring Days Friday 9/1 - Friday 9/8/17. Two adults. 6 Day Hoppers w/ Waterpark and More Friday: EPCOT. This is our arrival day, MCO at 9:30am Figured to head straight to WS for F & W, head to Future World by 5pm use Fast passes, visit some walk on attractions. Walk back to BW for an early...
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    Signature Restaurants - Dining plan

    I know that the signature restaurants require 2 Table service credits, however, I was wondering if anyone knows of any entrees that may be exempt from the dining plan. Also, most if not all appear to have sides a la cart, would this be included? I was looking at , Yachtsmans Steakhouse, Artist...